EX: 1/30/2012
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2013.03.16 Sat - 2013.04.06 Sat
Opening Exhibition
03/16/2013 18:00
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
+852 6772 1256
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Untitled March 2013 – Dan Findlay Solo Exhibition
[Press Release]

Press Release

Hong Kong based musician and the man behind popular venues like Midnight & Co. and the Blk Brd reveals his talents as a multimedia artist with the unveiling of his first solo exhibition on March 16, 2013 at Lightbombs Contemporary, a Hong Kong based art advisory and exhibit space in Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen.

Internationally acclaimed for his musical accomplishments Dan Findlay is a pioneer of the Hong Kong independent music scene whose music and club ventures have received both artistic recognition and commercial success. Having produced and remixed well-known names including James Lavelle’s U.N.K.L.E. project on numerous occasions he is still an active musician, currently collaborating with Hong Kong’s own Lee Burridge. With a colorful career beginning as a geologist on oil and gold exploration sites from Indonesia to Niger he eventually found his calling as a musician, film maker and bar and nightclub owner, ultimately finding his feet in Hong Kong.

Smoothly transitioning into the realm of visual arts in recent years, his works have been privately collected since 2010 with pieces displayed at Art East Island 2012 with a further open Studio in May 2013 scheduled under Art East Island later this year.

His oil paintings manifest themselves on canvas through abstract textures and forms. Creating interesting perspectives universal for both artist and viewer, his work is both emotional and intriguing, opening the possibility for visceral and emotional encounters. Inventive in coloring, Findlay’s first solo showcase ‘Untitled March 2013’ is a journey birthed by passion and experimentation that channels itself to a present and future laden with great possibility.

With an exciting display of pieces from one of the Hong Kong music scene’s most interesting troubadours, the exhibition is sure to be the perfect experience for art lovers to indulge their cultural appetite this month.