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10 Corso Como Shanghai presents Variationes, an exhibition dedicated to exploring the theme of light in Chinese contemporary art.

The exhibition aims to explore the theme of change, in fact variations, seen both visually and formally through the constant pursuit of sensory mutations that put the artwork in the center of the relationship between perception and fruition. Through careful analysis of sensory aspects, the artists are trying to reconstruct and analyze phenomena and emotions. Sometimes a “light” is interpreted in a key word “divine”, other times in other forms or in certain works, proposing a careful scientific methodology. A light that fills the space, occupies it, removes and decomposes it, and in other cases analyzes it as if in a game of removing and overlapping.

In the exhibition, there are not only some artists that are now firmly established at the international level, like Ding Yi and Geng Jianyi, but also the work of emerging young artists, among them, for example, the work of Jiang PengyI and Li Shurui. Moreover, in honor of the collaboration between Italy and China, the artist Arthur Duff will realize a spectacular light installation on the facade of 10 Corso Como Building, titled ”Love Letters”, which will be lightened up the night of the exhibition opening and that will give to 10 Corso Como building a one of a kind new look for the exhibition period. Highlight of the exhibition, the installation is generated by combining love letters written between the artist’s parents thirty-eight years ago, using Christopher Strachey’s “Love Letters” program. This program, designed in 1952 for the Manchester Mark 1, randomly generated love poems. The artist broke-down his parents love letters by extracting, verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs which he then applied to the skeletal structure of poems generated by Strachey’s program to create the poems used for the installation.

The exhibition, curated by Guido Mologni, will be presented at 10 Corso Como Gallery, one of the symbolic place in the heart of the city of Shanghai. This is the last stop of an exhibition tour started at the Unicredit Pavilion in Milan of the Milano expo 2015, and later moved to Rome at the space AREA81 belonging to Foundation Exclusiva, the Italian non-profit organization supporting the entire tour itself. The Foundation, promoting Italian creativity and the intercultural exchange of talents, this year is dedicating a special focus on China.

Artists in the exhibition: Ding Yi, Geng Jianyi, Jiang Pengyi, Li Ming, Li Shurui, Shang Yixin, Shen Fan, Wang Yi, Zhang Ding, Yang Fudong. 

About 10 Corso Como

Launched in 1990 in Milan, Italy by Carla Sozzani, 10 Corso Como is a network of spaces rolled into one experience and was the world’s first concept store. It is dedicated to Art, Fashion, Music, Design and Cuisine and has been designed as a multifunctional area, where customers and visitors are encouraged to meet and exchange culture, ideas and experiences. Named after its location in Milan in an industrial building, today 10 Corso Como has locations in Milan, Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing.

About Fondazione Exclusiva

Fondazione Exclusiva is a non profit organization founded in 2015 by Exclusiva Design.
Its mission is to protect and develop Italian creativity and excellence by disseminating its principles and the value of its precious expressive codes throughout the world. Its aim is to put forward international and interdisciplinary cultural programmes of high scientific and cultural value, for the young who look to the future, trusting in their own talent. It means to contribute to boosting these talents to create a new generation of ambassadors of style and culture.

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