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2013.05.11 Sat - 2013.06.11 Tue
Opening Exhibition
05/11/2013 17:00
Building 6, 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui district, Shanghai, China
+86 (21) 52520010
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 6pm
Roberto Ceresia

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Video Unchained
[Press Release]

Press Release

AIKE-DELLARCO is pleased to announce the group exhibition “Video unchained”, opening on May 11th and on view until June11th 2013. The exhibition will showcase videos and video installations by Cai Kai, Guan Xiao, Song Ta and Yu Honglei.

Quoting the curator Weng Zhijuan: “The theme of the exhibition refers to the revolution of ideology implied by the evolution in the language of new media art and its effect on the transmission of information in contemporary society.

The video‘Reading’by Guan Xiao combines visual and audio dimension trying to get to the essence of the objects she observes. The result is a rythmic multi-dimensionnal work appealing to the senses of the viewer. ‘A Rebellion’ by Cai Kai investigates the process of ‘happening’. The one channel video presented as a multidimensional installation submerges the spectator in a temporal and spatial experience of the ‘happening’ waiting for something to happen that never does. ‘Uglier and Uglier’ is a video that collects video clips of female students took by the artist. Using his own aesthetic subjective perception, he classifies the girls in order of increasing unattractiveness. In ‘The Farm’, Yu Honglei uses the figure of the artist Joan Miró as a prototype and imagines the daily life of famous artists memorized in the art history. The whole video restates and examines the emotional and social relationship between artists.”

Exhibition “Video Unchained” poster,“被解放的影像”海报

Cai Kai, born in1981, Hubei Province, now works and lives in Wuhan. Recently exhibition includes “Ministry of Truth”, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing (2012); “Fact Study Institute”, Yangtze River Space, Wuhan (2012); “No Domain of City”, chi k11 Art space, Wuhan (2010). He is one of the founder Non-profit art space “Yangtze River Space” in Wuhan.

Guan Xiao, born in1983, Chongqing, now works and lives in Beijing. Solo exhibition “Suvivors Hunting” was held in Magician space, Beijing (2012). Recently exhibition includes “Sunset Vacuum Plue”, Beijing (2012); “The 7th Shenzhen sculpture biennale”, Shenzhen (2012).

Song Ta, born in1988, Guangdong Province, now works and lives in Guangzhou.Solo exhibitions includes “My Ten favorite Doctors”, Arrow Factory, Beijing (2012); “Gray Area”, Observation Society, Guangzhou (2012). Recently exhibition includes: “ON | OFF:China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice”, UCCA, Beijing (2013); “CAFAM Future”, China Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing (2012) .

Yu Honglei, born in1984, Inner Mongolia Province, now works and lives in Beijing. Solo exhibition includes “Meet next life”, C space, Beijing (2012); “Before I come close to you”, C space, Beijing (2011). Recently exhibition includes: “The 7th Shenzhen sculpture biennale”, Shenzhen (2012); “Follow”, MOCA Shanghai, Shanghai (2011).