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Wang Rui “Love Me? Love Him?”

Press Release

FRONT.ROOM.LOOP project show #7:

“Love Me? Love Him?”


Dates12 – 27 October 2013

Opening14:00 – 17:00,12 October 2013

For the 7th project show of FRONT.ROOM.LOOP, Rui WANG will present her video work entitled “Love me? Love him?”.

“Love me? Love him? ” is a quotation from the artist’s personal love affairs 12 years ago.  It is also a query from woman to man.  The video “Hand warms ice” recorded the process the artist held blocks of ice in shape of man-hand of her ex-boyfriend and had them melted with warmth from her hands.  The whole procedure took about one and half hours.  It was cut down to a 15-mins. video for exhibition.

Rui WANG was born in China in 1979.  She graduated from MFA Program (Digital and Multi-Media arts), School of Design, China Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 2009.  She graduated from MFA Program (Electronic Integrated Arts), Alfred University in USA in 2012.  Her recent major exhibitions include: The Visual Rhetoric of The Young’s Generation (Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, 2013); The 10th Beijing Independent Film Festival (Beijing, 2013); Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival (Malaysia , 2013).

55 as established in 2005 and located in M50 in Shanghai.  55’s mission is to provide a platform for emerging artists to carry out experimental projects within a progressive curatorial framework.  55’s aims are to promote critical and engaging contemporary art practices and ideas through exhibitions & curitorial projects.  FRONT.ROOM.LOOP is an independent project launched in March 2013.  It is dedicated to showing video works by emerging artists.

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