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“Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Nightmare”
Gallery 55

Gallery 55 is proud to present Yehong ZHANG’s solo exhibition “Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Nightmare” from the 7th of September through the 9th of October, 2016.

“Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Nightmare” comprises a set of ten photo works. Yehong Zhang online downloaded photo shop brushes of sea water, copying Hiroshi Sugimoto’s carefully taken picture in a fast and cheap manner.

American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that no one owned scenery, unless his/her eyes could integrate things into a whole. What Emerson referred here in fact is something similarto a gestalt watch – not to see the mountain, the sea, the sky, but to look at the scenery, to see a landscape which is dominated by a specific feature, but cannot be simplified as the characteristics of it. “Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Nightmare” series of photo work fit right into this kind of melting away of gestalt watch. Yehong Zhang’s copying behavior means that the water hasbeen pulled out of the “landscape” of gestalt, and could be added into any kind of scene. Although it bears similar appearance, the nature of audiences’ observation has been changed. It is no longer Hiroshi Sugimoto’s gaze, but some “accumulation” of natural parts – just like roses are merely accumulation of leaves, petals and stems through the eyes of patients with schizophrenia.

Yehong Zhang was born in Guangzhou in 1993. He graduated from Chinese Academy of Art in Hangzhou in 2015. Yehong Zhang’s recent major exhibitions / activities include: “Rewriting the Encyclopedia – Chapter I: Genesis” (2016, curator, Sanshang Contemporary Art Cetre, Hangzhou, China); “Xishan Journey” (2016, Art Museum of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China); “With Bamboo Everywhere” (2015, Residency project, DAC Chongqing Art Center, China); “Multidimensional Reflection” (2015, Ningbo Art Centre, China); “Scenery of Estrus” (2014, West Bund Art & Design, Shanghai, China); “Image – the Rhetoric of Metaphor” (2014, West Lake MoMA, Hangzhou, China); “September Humanistics” (2014, Ningbo ArtCentre, China); “Who am I” (2014, Pingyao International Photo Festival, China); “Even States Pixel Take” (2014, Lianzhou International Photo Exhibition, China); etc.

yehong.zhang_hiroshi.sugimoto's.nightmare#3_24x30cm(set.of.10)_gyclee.print(ed.5 1)_2016

yehong.zhang_hiroshi.sugimoto’s.nightmare#3_24x30cm(set.of.10)_gyclee.print(ed.5 1)_2016

yehong.zhang_hiroshi.sugimoto's.nightmare#9_24x30cm(set.of.10)_gyclee.print(ed.5 1)_2016

yehong.zhang_hiroshi.sugimoto’s.nightmare#9_24x30cm(set.of.10)_gyclee.print(ed.5 1)_2016

  • 55_yehong.zhang_hiroshisugimoto's.nightmare_poster


  • yehong.zhang_hiroshi.sugimoto's.nightmare#3_24x30cm(set.of.10)_gyclee.print(ed.5 1)_2016

    yehong.zhang_hiroshi.sugimoto's.nightmare#3_24x30cm(set.of.10)_gyclee.print(ed.5 1)_2016

  • yehong.zhang_hiroshi.sugimoto's.nightmare#9_24x30cm(set.of.10)_gyclee.print(ed.5 1)_2016

    yehong.zhang_hiroshi.sugimoto's.nightmare#9_24x30cm(set.of.10)_gyclee.print(ed.5 1)_2016