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Your World, My Sight – MAO SPACE

On October 17th, HUANG Jingjie’s first solo exhibition, ―Your World, MySight‖ will open at MAO SPACE Hengshan Fang. We would like to invite youto join us upon entering his world.


This exhibition centers on HUANG’s Book series, which embodies his―verstehen‖ of linear vestige, from a rope that binds the book to the book itself.HUANG prefers to avoid narratives by setting a performing line on stage of thedramatics. Therefore, not every style bears implications, as his goal is toexplore the poetry in shapes and forms. While the hand-sketched lines are plainand gentle, they possess an elastic quality that bounces the vividness of colors,incorporating a hint of mystery to the picture.

For the variety of vestiges, wood is undoubtedly a precious gift fromMother Nature.HUANG is especially keen on the characteristics of wood,which may not be as strong as iron, but its texture can endure and deliver thepassage of time that steel can’t. He deliberately adds the texture of wood to themain contours in his paintings to integrate the material into a 2 dimensionalpainting via a thickened pictorial effect, to exhibit his ―verstehen‖ of wood.

HUANG Jingjie is born in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in 1988. He has a BAof Public Art from China Art Academy in Hanghou. He currently lives andworks in Hangzhou. Your World, My Sight will last from October 17th, 2015 toNovember 25h, 2015.

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