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Art Market Confidence in Europe and US up 18% in the last 6 months

ArtTactic — The top end of the Post-War and Contemporary US and European art market ($1 million plus) continues to account for the lion share of the market, accounting for 81% of the total Evening sales value in London last month.

However, the recent findings from the ArtTactic US & European Art Market Confidence Survey in July 2013 suggest that confidence in the lower and middle-price segments is on the increase.  This could signal that art market experts are starting to see value in the lower- and middle-market price segments and less scope for value appreciation at the very top segment of the Contemporary art market.

The ArtTactic US & European Art Market Confidence Survey gives an in-depth analysis of the short and long term market confidence within separate price segment, as well as confidence readings on more than 90 Post-war and Contemporary artists.

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