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Improved Outlook Among Experts for the Chinese Contemporary Art Market

ArtTactic – 18% of experts surveyed believe that the Chinese contemporary art market will see a positive development for the upcoming season, up from 7% in November 2012.

Top 5 Artists – Short-term Confidence

1 Qiu Zhijie

2 Yang Fudong

3 Xu Zhen

4 Liu Xiaodong

5 Xu Bing

Top 5 Artists – Long-term Confidence

1 Cai Guoqiang

2 Yang Fudong

3 Ai Weiwei

4 Zhang Xiaogang

5 Zhang Peili

Report contains Short- and Long-term Confidence Ranking of 51 contemporary Chinese artists

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Contemporary Chinese art auction market up 32% in the last 6 months

Recent auctions from Hong Kong and Mainland China this spring brought in $1.6 billion across all categories, an increase from last season’s $1.2 billion.  The four main auction houses in that region (Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Poly and Guardian) raised $2.74 billion in auction sales in 2012, this was a 43% drop from the previous year.  The great fall may be attributed to a few high profile scandals, political uncertainty, clampdown on tax evasion and speculative investments.  In spite of this, the previous Chinese contemporary art auctions by the big four auction houses raise $76 million (excluding buyer’s premium), an increase of 32% from last autumn.

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