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2020.05.09 Sat, by
Renmin University Ejects Bunker Art Space for Patriotic Education Base

Beijing, May 8. The Bunker art space announced Thursday that its landlord, Renmin University Of China, has decided to convert the entire courtyard into a ‘patriotic education base’ and was resuming all premises in the adjacent courtyard, particularly those with historical significance, such as the former bunker. The Bunker was one of a small but influential group of independent art spaces in Beijing, which included the now defunct Arrow Factory, providing the public with a non-commercial entrée to emerging art in China’s capital. The demise of The Bunker follows the closure of Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art and Redtory Arts & Design District in Guangzhou last November.

Director Xiaoyang Peng posted on social media:

We want to thank everyone who has helped us over the course of the three years The Bunker has been in existence, especially the artists who have made amazing projects, the audience who has supported and encouraged us, our sponsors without whose help the projects couldn’t have been made, the volunteers who gave their valuable time to help us, and speakers who have participated in our lectures and panels. It’s been a great experience working with all of you. Although The Bunker no longer exists as an art space, we aim to continue its concept in other ways. Therefore, we hope to have your continued support!