EX: 1/30/2012
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Dr. Gao Shiming is a curator and critic based in Hangzhou, China. He is currently the director of the School of Intermedia Art, China Academy of Art and associate professor of contemporary art theory and curatorial studies. As a curator, he has organized many exhibitions, including: The Migration of Asian Contemporary Art and Geo-politics, 2002-2003; Techniques of the Visible: the 5th Shanghai Biennale, 2004; Asian Time: New Media Art Exhibition, 2005; The Yellow Box: Contemporary Art and Architecture in a Chinese Space, 2006; Alchemy of Shadow: the 3rd Lianzhou International Photography Festival, and ‘Revival of the Countryside’: Special Project of Sao Paulo Architectural Biennial, 2007; Farewell to Post-colonialism: the Third Guangzhou Triennial, 2008; Rehearsal: the 8th Shanghai Biennale, 2010. Dr. Gao is editor of many books and catalogs include Visual Thinking: Intangible Dialogue between Art and Phenomenology, 2002; A Visual Report: Migration of Contemporary Art and Geo-politics in Asia, 2003; Farewell to Post-colonialism, 2008; Rehearsal, and Ho Chi Minh Trail, 2010; All things Lethal Remain Unutterable, 2011; Book in Action: On Curatorial Writing, 2012. He is the fellow of Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute(2011), and his research project at Clark is titled Rehearsal, or, Art without Artwork. Gao Shiming is a Contributing Editor of Randian. Image Credit: Zhang Hui, Self-Portrait with Gao Shiming, 2012, acrylic on canvas. Also black and white detail of same. (image courtesy the artist and Longmarch Space)