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Art in the City is a groundbreaking new project supporting art in Shanghai and China. An ongoing project that brings together fine arts, design, lifestyle, and collecting in a seamless flow of information and events.


With its ever expanding system of museums, foundations, galleries and art-related initiatives, Shanghai and Beijing are the region’s artistic epicenter.


The 3 main features of Art in the City are:

• a digital platform: a mobile app and a website constantly updated with latest information on exhibitions, events, galleries and institutional activities in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.

• a series of private events and PR activities to introduce collectors and art lovers to new art, to galleries, museums and artists’ studios. A series of seminars, talks and educational activities, with trips around China and abroad to see art and design where they happen.

• a festival: an annual event dedicated to those who want to enjoy Shanghai from a creative perspective, and enrich their lives enjoying and buying works of art and design




+ For the past 10 years DONNA CHAI (Art in the City Managing Director) has devoted herself to the organization of international fairs, exhibitions and events. The projects she was involved in were dedicated to art, fashion, beauty, design and lifestyle. From 2006-2012 she worked for SH Contemporary – Shanghai contemporary art fair, eventually becoming the project’s Fair Manager. She lives and works in Shanghai.


+ MASSIMO TORRIGIANI is the chairman of the Curatorial Board of PAC, Milan’s museum of contemporary art; the director of the new complex for contemporary art and culture in Bari (Italy); the co-director of Fantom, a curatorial and publishing platform dedicated to photography and sound; and the artistic director of Capo d’Arte, an annual exhibition of contemporary art in a remote village in the South of Italy. Simultaneously, through Boiler Corporation, his agency, he works for institutions and companies, curating art, communication and publishing projects. From 2010-12 he was Director of SH Contemporary. He lives and works in Milan.


+ From1998-2008 DAVIDE QUADRIO directed BizArt, the first non-profit artistic laboratory in Shanghai. In 2007 he created Arthub Asia, a platform for the production and promotion of contemporary art from and in Asia. Among his most recent initiatives, the exhibition of Qiu Zhijie on the occasion of the Venice Biennale 2013 and the solo exhibition of Yang Fudong for Toronto Film Festival 2013. He is currently consulting Aurora Museum Shanghai on the development of contemporary art projects, and sits on the board of curators of Milan’s museum of contemporary art. In 2012 he coordinated and curated the City Pavilions Project for the Shanghai Biennale. He lives and works in Shanghai.