4F, Bund18, 18Zhongshan East Road, Shanghai
Opening Hours
From Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 9pm. Monday off. Please make appointment before you come

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Bund18 Temporary Art Space

Bund18 Temporary Art Space is an ongoing art project that can be accessed at any time. The future projects of Bund18 Temporary Art Space will constitute an integral aspect of Bund18’s elegant cultural ambiance while serving the world of contemporary art through its investigation into exhibition and showcasing paradigms. The Bund18 Temporary Art Space also embodies the kind of integration characteristic of today’s art production through communication, exchange and encounter. Art enhances life, but never as something that stands outside of it. Conversely, such enhancement happens only when people start to participate in art, realize what it can be, or simply through an intimate encounter with another—–art can contract and become invisible or expand toward ubiquity.

Established after the Bund18 Art Gallery and Bund18 Creative Center, the Bund18 Temporary Art Space will explore and reexamine, from its newly acquired spatial and developmental orientation, different possibilities of cultural embedding by first looking at the dynamics between the history of Bund 18’s architecture and its founder, Ms. Zhang Ailing. Bund18 Temporary Art Space has three components: Ailing Foundation, the 2+2 Project (Li Zhenhua, Dong Bingfeng + Wang Jianwei, Xu Zhen) and Architecture Inside the Architecture (Wang Zhenfei, Wang Luming +). There are more public projects waiting for your participation.