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Capital Normal University

Capital Normal University is located in Beijing — the political and cultural center of China, and also a beautiful city with long and rich history and culture, imbued with modern bearing and charm.

As a key university funded by Beijing municipal government, Capital Normal University is well-known for its role in cultural transmission and innovation. With outstanding teaching staff, excellent teaching facilities and a comfortable living environment, the university has set up various departments and offers complete sets of academic disciplines, including liberal arts, science, engineering, management, law, education, art, and foreign languages etc.. It has also opened many research fields with unique oriental cultural characteristics, such as the Chinese literature and traditional culture, calligraphy, oriental dance, and national martial arts etc., providing the best environment for young people from all over the world to learn the Chinese language.

Since establishment half a century ago, Capital Normal University has consistently been upholding the spirit of “learning and teaching, seeking truth and innovation/Learn or teach, seek truth and change.” as our school motto, and has been committed to creating a sound academic environment. Immersed in a cultural atmosphere where academic research and innovation are advocated, competition amidst cooperation encouraged, knowledge and talents respected, and on a campus filled with enthusiasm and vitality, outstanding scholars and students from all over the country and every part of the world have been working, studying and living in a happy and creative state of mind.

Under the backdrop of higher education internationalization, Capital Normal University has been following closely the trend of the times, with turning into an international university as its objective, transmitting and innovating the culture as its task. We are looking forward to establishing much closer relations with the rest of the world, attracting outstanding experts and scholars, and absorbing their creative ideas. Capital Normal University would like to become a bridge between cultures of various nations in the world for mutual communication and improvement so as to promote integration and development of a diversified culture of the world.