Guangdong Times Museum
Times Museum, Times Rose Garden, Huang Bian Bei Lu, Bai Yun Da Dao, Guangzhou, Guangdong.
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 - 18:00 Close on Monday Opening hours are subject to further notice in event of special festivals or activities.

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Guangdong Times Museum

GuangDong Times Museum, formerly known as Times Branch of the Guangdong Museum of Art,   was funded by the Times Property in 2003. In 2005, during the D-Lab project in   the 2nd Guangzhou Triennial, the Times Property decided to invite Rem Koolhaas   and Alain Fouraux to work together towards designing a permanent museum. The   Museum was completed and put into use in October, 2010, later became known   officially as GuangDong Times Museum. It is registered with the Guangdong Administration   Bureau of Civil Organizations as a non-governmental organization, which is under   the category of non-profit institution. GuangDong Times Museum is not only an experimental achievement with great   significance, which resulted from the curatorial concepts of the 2nd Guangzhou   Triennial, but also a product of artists(architects)’ imaginary ideas. Through   its open attitude towards urban landscape and city life, and which was reflected   upon by the museum building and its space, we hope to prove that a residential   building block could absorb the commercial, cultural and social content of urban   life, as well as inject innovative and diverse vitality within. From concepting   to designing, and till its materialization, GuangDong Times Museum reflects the unique   working conditions and fast-developing urbanization process of the Pearl River   Delta. As a non-profit institution caters to the public and persists on academic   independence, GuangDong Times Museum aims at reaching beyond canonical programming to   nurture creative processes and cutting-edge practices in the area of art, design   and architecture. In addition, it endeavors to discover the potential “contact   zone” between contemporary art and the public through the tight integration   between various exhibitions and academic communication, as well as of art   education and community service by a conscientious effort and, by that means,   GuangDong Times Museum could, on one hand provide potential opportunities and inspirations   for artistic production, and on another hand, promote public awareness towards   contemporary art and the production process of artists. GuangDong Times Museum is not only a place for exhibition, but also an arena to   stimulate artistic creation and production. It’s a platform which bestows with   abundant possibilities of artistic production and facilitates local art   activities. It’s a museum that allows visitors to experience art in production   as well as art in exhibition. It’s a site where artists can gather to exchange   ideas and realize works. Furthermore, it’s a research centre and think-tank   which initiates series of exhibitions, projects and public cultural events.