北京市海淀区杏石口路中间建筑园区(邮编:100195) Sector-A, Inside-Out Artist Colony, Xingshikou Rd, Haidian District, Beijing Postal code: 100195
86 10 6273 0230
Opening Hours
周三—周日 10:00—18:00 周一、周二闭馆

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Inside-Out Art Museum

Inside-Out Art Museum located in the Western portion of Xishan Cultural Innovation Avenue in Beijing’s Haidian District. Previously established in 2008, it was officially registered with the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau in 2011 as a privately operated nonprofit art organization.

Starting in 2007, Inside-Out Art Museum started to hold art exhibitions and cultural activities, and so far has already been in three different exhibition space. The current exhibition space has been officially in use since September 2012. The design is a collaboration of the China Architecture Institute and Obra Architects from New York. The three level gallery has a total area of 2600 square meters.

Ever since its establishment, Inside-Out Art Museum has held to its mission of being a nonprofit art museum, tending to both high professional standard and broad public needs, and patiently seeking a sustainable operation model suitable for a private art museum. The exhibition series, “Inside-out 2012,” and “Young Academics” as well as the “Xu Bing: Background Stories,” established a reputation for the Inside-Out Art Museum within the professional circles. The subject of the successive exhibitions entitled, “Artistic or Autistic” and “Follow Me – Zhang Jie’s Art of Torn Paper,” focused on creative education providing a bridge for the general public to access the programs provided at the museum.

In addition to the general exhibition and education programs, Inside-Out Art Museum established international artist residency programs in Beijing, China, and in Maine, USA, to promote extensive communication between artists of different cultural backgrounds. In 2013, the completed Inside-Out Miniature Museum opened its first exhibition “Jericho Mouth”. Inside-Out Miniature Museum is an experimental space for exhibiting event based art, representing our vision for art forms in the future.

Inside-Out Art Museum is dedicated to Chinese contemporary art as well as broader international context. Inside-Out Art Museum is supported through sponsorship by way of a publicly credible platform, the “Beijing Cultural Development Foundation and Inside-Out Art Fund.”