EX: 1/30/2012
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2015.12.27 Sun, by

“Rotation”: Xia Xiaowan Solo Exhibition

Emphasizing the uniqueness and distinctive personality of Xia Xiaowan’s art, Cui Cancan did not neglect to place the artist within the context of 1980s art movements. >> Read more
2015.10.05 Mon, by

Displaying Fragments: Ten Years of OCAT (2005–2015)

Established in 2005, OCAT became a registered, independent non-profit organization in April 2012, and has since built a group of contemporary museums of art across China. >> Read more
2015.04.22 Wed, by

Breaking the Image – Methods in the Treatment of Imagery by Contemporary Artists from China About to Open at Sishang Art Museum

(中文) 3个生动直率的主题,62位参展艺术家,240余件作品。昔日少年已成主人,中国当代艺术的语言逻辑如何浸入到艺术家的生命过程和思考抉选中?寺上美术馆“破图集——中国当代艺术家处理图像的方法”展静候来宾,共同观看…… >> Read more
2015.03.08 Sun, by

Global Exchange Program for Art Specialists in China, USA and Europe: The 2nd Beijing International Symposium for Art Specialists

(中文) 第二期北京国际艺术精英课程主题: 中国当代艺术国际化进程中的机遇与冲突:一个中西对话 >> Read more
2014.08.30 Sat, by

Summer Reading:One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

This article is available only in Chinese.
>> Read more
2014.05.01 Thu, by

Hans van Dijk: 5000 Names

A historical exhibition in two parts, co-commissioned by Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing) and Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art (Rotterdam), comprising documentary materials and artworks that examine the life and work of a defining figure in contemporary Chinese art. >> Read more
2014.01.19 Sun, by

M+ receives major donation of 37 works from Chinese art collector, Guan Yi

WKCDA announced today that M+, Hong Kong’s future museum for visual culture, has received a donation of 37 important works of Chinese contemporary art by Guan Yi, one of the most important art collectors based in the region. >> Read more
2014.01.10 Fri, by

Johnson Chang Responds to Artists’ Allegations

In response to recent accusations leveled by Li Shan and Sun Liang, Johnson Chang of Hanart has issued a statement (reprinted here). Randian also spoke with Johnson Chang to hear his version of events. >> Read more
2013.12.19 Thu, by

Scandal Breaks 20 Year Mystery

Scandalous allegations have rocked the art world in China in recent days, with two artists, Li Shan and Sun Liang, pointing fingers at Johnson Chang, a prominent Hong Kong dealer and owner of Hanart. It is claimed that works of art lost after the first contemporary Chinese exhibition at the 1993 Venice Biennale have been found under mysterious circumstances in Hanart’s possession. >> Read more
2013.09.12 Thu, by

Warmth is a Subjective Attitude

Yin Xiuzhen’s work lacks clear-cut sense of belonging to any time period or style. Her works are flexible, vague and ambiguous. In Yin Xiuzhen’s work, the warmth obtained from the layers of scarves is unbearable, and that which appears ethereal and hazy hides the greatest danger. >> Read more

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