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2014.11.18 Tue, by

Winners of the 2014 CCAA Contemporary Chinese Art Award Announced

On November 14, the winners of the 2014 Contemporary Chinese Art Award (CCAA) were announced at the Central Academy of Fine Arts....
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2014.11.18 Tue, by

Polit-Sheer-Form:Fitness for All

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2014.04.26 Sat, by

15 Years Chinese Contemporary Art Award(CCAA)

Chinese Contemporary Art Award(CCAA) will soon launch its 15th anniversary exhibition, “15 Years Chinese Contemporary Art Award(CCAA)”, at the Power Station of Art in Shanghai.
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2014.03.28 Fri, by

Ploughing Up Pace

Those who went to Pace in 798 yesterday afternoon would have found a brown cow ploughing up and down the gallery on a huge shallow platform filled with earth...
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2013.12.05 Thu, by


Pace Beijing is pleased to announce the group exhibition, "Beijing Voice: Relations" opening on December 10th,, 2013; The fourth installment of Pace Beijing's annual project Beijing Voice. The exhibition will continue to focus on the field and phenomenon of Chinese contemporary art. >> Read more
History & Theory, 2013.11.13 Wed, by

Michael Sullivan: More Than an Ordinary Sinologist

The vicissitudes of the era had no doubt taken their toll, but Sullivan, with an ever keen eye for art, found much to uphold his interest. No matter how messy the scene was, politically, ideologically, socially, artistically, his commitment was constant. Those of us who aspire to recording contemporary art owe a great debt to this fine, magnanimous historian. >> Read more
History & Theory, 2010.11.30 Tue, by

“Great Performances” at Pace Beijing

Despite the extraordinary range of works presented, "Great Performances" feels like an opportunity missed. >> Read more

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