EX: 1/30/2012
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Interviews, 2014.04.30 Wed, by

The Fiction of Elmgreen & Dragset: Interview

The art of Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset treats the event and experience of exhibitions as their media—including theatrical interaction with the audience. While frequently playful, most of their work has a strong political seam... >> Read more
访谈, 2014.04.26 Sat, by

15 Years of CCAA: Interview with Uli Sigg

To coincide with the opening this week in Shanghai of the 15th anniversary exhibition of the "Chinese Contemporary Art Awards" (CCAA) at the Power Station of Art, Randian's Chris Moore spoke at length with Uli Sigg about the history and philosophy behind CCAA, still the most respected art award in China... >> Read more
艺术世界, 2014.04.21 Mon, by

Shanzhai in Shanghai: Weng Zhijuan’s 2 Yuan Gallery

Ever wanted to own a Zhou Chunya or an Ai Weiwei? Well now major collector status is close within your reach—all for less than 50 RMB.
>> Read more
艺术世界, 2014.04.12 Sat, by

New York: Brooklyn Protest in Solidarity with Ai Weiwei

The PEN American Centre organizes an “Evening of Literary Protest in solidarity with Ai Weiwei and other Chinese artists and writers.” >> Read more
Interviews, 2014.03.19 Wed, by

Interview with Brian Wallace

Rightly credited with founding the first foreign-owned contemporary art gallery in Beijing, Brian Wallace came to China from Australia in 1984, and founded Red Gate in 1991.
>> Read more
Interviews, 2013.03.15 Fri, by

Interview with Sun Yuan

There is one type of artists who simply cannot be defined, since any definition would take away from their originality. Sun Yuan and Peng Yu belong to this category. Human lipids, baby or animal samples, high-pressure hose — there is nothing that they cannot bring into their practice. But as Sun Yuan says, if experiments themselves are not experimental, is creation even necessary? >> Read more
Interviews, 2012.06.04 Mon, by

Interview with Elisabeth de Brabant

And there are tremendous artisans in the Chinese market. It would be amazing to see contemporary porcelain. The Koreans are doing very interesting porcelain in contemporary art. It would be nice to be able to go back into woodwork craftsmanship. Chinese contemporary art is getting back into Chinese ink. I think it will happen in time, but it would be nice to see more usage of their ancestry and different crafts. >> Read more
Interviews, 2012.01.20 Fri, by

Interview with Fabien Fryns-On Becoming a Collector and then Art Dealer

Fabien Fryns grew up in Belgium and Switzerland and began collecting art while still in high school. His first gallery was in Malaga, Spain, but in 2004 he moved to Beijing and opened a gallery in Caochangdi (F2 Gallery). >> Read more
Interviews, 2011.10.24 Mon, by

Interview with Elisabeth de Brabant

Elisabeth de Brabant came to Shanghai in 2004 and soon began working in the then nascent M50 art district. In 2008 she established her own art advisory firm and gallery. Here de Brabant talks with Randian about growing up in a family of New York collectors, the nature of galleries and the problems of the China art market. >> Read more
Interviews, 2011.08.13 Sat, by

Interview with Zhang Peili

On the current state of Chinese art, education, Ai Weiwei, and Zhang Peili's latest video installation. >> Read more

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