EX: 1/30/2012
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2014.05.23 Fri, by

Baby Basel and HK Island Dreams

While the minimum and average quality of art displayed was noticeably higher than last year (better galleries, minimal kitsch) the art displayed was generally conservative—innovation was seldom seen... >> Read more
Think, 2014.01.30 Thu, by

Reining in Ink Art: Revivalism in the Year of the Serpent

Much as the Beijing winter has been very mild this year, overall, the art of the past year has also felt rather milder and more sentimental from previous years. Let us then explore the production and exhibition of this “old” contemporary art in the contemporary Chinese art world. >> Read more
Think, 2013.12.20 Fri, by

“28 Chinese”: Introducing the Young Generation

The international art crowd convened in Miami again for the 2013 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach, the goliath art fair along with a myriad of satellite fairs and events. For any fair-goers who might feel interested or even just curious about Chinese contemporary art, “28 Chinese” at the Rubell Family Collection is a must-see... >> Read more
Think, 2013.11.07 Thu, by

Rubell Collection Announces Exhibition of 28 Chinese Artists’ Work in December

It has been announced that the Rubell Family Collection will hold an exhibition entitled “28 Chinese” at their private museum, opening on Dec 4, 2013. >> Read more
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Age is No Issue

In my experience, Ullens rarely opens up the entirety of its vast space for any one exhibition. But this year, Ullens has mobilized its forces to make the “ON|OFF” show one of the rare recipients of this accolade. According to the curators, “ON | OFF” is a type of VPN software (See “Flipping the Switch with Sun Dongdong”)... >> Read more
Interviews, 2012.12.20 Thu, by

Flipping the Switch with Sun Dongdong

As a preview to the exhibition “ON | OFF: China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice” randian 燃点 is publishing a series of conversations in the lead-up to the opening, offering insights into the concept and planning of the show, and the perspectives of participating artists. Randian Editors Iona Whittaker and Liang Shuhan meet curator Sun Dongdong.... >> Read more
Interviews, 2012.12.14 Fri, by


The title ON | OFF, which comes from the graphical interface of a common VPN software used to scale China’s Internet firewall, represents this binary condition at its simplest and most direct. >> Read more
Interviews, 2012.09.28 Fri, by

Soka Art Centre – Beijing

Cai Cuo Qiang, Tsai Meng Chang, Cai YiRu, Yayoi Kusama , Kent Keong Tam, Tu HongTao,Wang Guangle, Wang Yigang, Wang Yin, Wang Zhi Bo, Wu Chi-Tsung, Xie Wang Zi, Xu Beihong, Xu Bing >> Read more
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Dead Rabbit Awards

There was one clear choice. Liu Wei's complex conceptual jungle "Trilogy" at the Minsheng Art Museum, blended painting, sculpture and electronics, the museal space itself to meditate on modernism, China, Beijing, the road to his studio and his own practice. >> Read more
史论, 2010.10.09 Sat, by

Popular Music in Contemporary Art…

Other attempts at cross-genre synergy, as with attempts by the Modern Media music critic, Jian Cui, the second-rate punk musician, Wang (Gia) Yue, of Hang on the Box, and others to present themselves as artists, often under the aegis of exhibitions and markets known as “Mary In >> Read more

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