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2013.07.10 Wed, by

Xiong Yu – Time Node

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space is pleased to present the artist Xiong Yu’s solo exhibition “Xiong Yu - Time Node”, which is also the first exhibition of A Thousand Plateaus Art Space after we move to the new space in Tiexiang Temple Riverfront of High-Tech Development Zone, Chengdu. >> Read more
Art World, 2013.06.20 Thu, by

Notes and Quotes and Pics and Bits from Venice

On the day the winners are announced, I stumble upon the celebratory drinks for the combined Lithuanian and Cyprus Pavilions, which won a special mention from the jury...
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Art World, 2010.10.24 Sun, by

Talking With Elizabeth de Brabant

Elisabeth de Brabant came to Shanghai in 2004 and soon began working in the then nascent M50 art district. In 2008 she established her own art advisory firm and gallery. Here de Brabant talks with Randian about growing up in a family of New York collectors, the nature of galleries and the problems of the China […] >> Read more
Art World, 2014.12.02 Tue, by

Seven Days in Shanghai

This fall, Shanghai’s profusion of events made it almost seem like the central hub of contemporary art in China. Here is an overview of what happened—with more coverage to come later. 
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Interviews, 2020.06.28 Sun, by

Professor Guo Yaxi: Reticence in Transformation

Tianjin, just half an hour by train from Beijing, is said to be the most inconspicuous of China’s municipalities. This is perhaps surprising, given the fact that it is the first city in Northern China to be exposed to modern culture, experiencing a glamorous era in the period following 1860 when it became a treaty port. Tianjin is the epitome of modernity with “Chinese characteristics”. >> Read more
Interviews, 2020.06.16 Tue, by

Simon Mordant
Contemporary Collector, Modern Philanthropist

Simon Mordant is one of Australia’s most prolific art collectors and philanthropists. As chair of Australia’s Museum of Contemporary Art and as Australia’s past Venice Biennale Pavilion Commissioner, Mordant has been one of the major forces driving modernization of Australia’s visual arts scene. >> Read more
Interviews, 2019.12.03 Tue, by

Li Jingxiong X Nik Kosmas
Sifang Art Museum, Shanghai Pop-up

by Alice Gee Sifang Art Museum Shanghai pop-up (Jing’An District) 8 Nov.-8 Dec. 2019 I stand beside three large rings mounted on white platforms at equidistant intervals. Nik Kosmas is talking about 13 years ago and being 20 someplace else. ‘I’m 21!’ I blurt out. I edge back and hope one of Li Jingxiong’s tarpaulins […] >> Read more
Interviews, 2019.11.08 Fri, by

Art Taipei 2019 Review

Before I catch my connecting flight back to Rome, I briefly note down my impression of Art Taipei. “It’s both very young, with the  insecurities and optimism of an adolescent, and very old, with the relaxed attitude of someone who has seen a lot and is a pinch senile”. >> Read more
Interviews, 2019.03.25 Mon, by

From Basel to Hong Kong. An interview with Dominique Lévy

Just prior to Chinese New Year Chris Moore spoke Dominique Lévy by telephone to discuss Hong Kong and China, beginning by discussing why Lévy Gorvy first opened an office in Shanghai before opening the gallery in Hong Kong. >> Read more
Interviews, 2019.03.07 Thu, by

SEA – New Generation
Tang Contemporary

Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok presents a group show with works by artists coming from different countries of South East Asia (SEA). >> Read more

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