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2017.08.23 Wed, by

Originality, Diversity and Independence: Call for Submissions to the Fourth International Awards for Art Criticism (IAAC 4)

The International Awards for Art Criticism Ltd. (IAAC) launches the fourth edition of their Awards this month (IAAC 4) and will announce their new competition rules, awards system and members of its international jury at a press conference to be held at the Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum on 2 June 2017. >> Read more
2017.08.21 Mon, by

“Future Eaters”
MUMA, Melbourne

How is sculpture evolving to reflect a world where technology has come to shape almost every facet of our existence? How might the sculpture of our time appear to viewers in the future? >> Read more
2017.06.23 Fri, by

Art Basel and LISTE 2017

Once again, Art Basel was a huge success. Outside, people were swimming in the Rhine under the June sun and sausages were as ridiculously expensive as ever. And there was lots of art sold, often at record prices, if you believe the breathless reports. IF. It is almost pointless writing about Art Basel. Sharing photos, […] >> Read more
2017.06.01 Thu, by

Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery, Beijing

Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery is pleased to present Jiang Zhi’s solo show “All the rest is rust and stardust” curated by Fu Yuan. >> Read more
2017.06.01 Thu, by

West Bund Art & Design announces 2017 Gallery List

Now in its fourth edition, the West Bund Art & Design (10 – 12 November, 2017) >> Read more
2017.05.11 Thu, by

Zhou Li’s solo exhibition: Shadow of the Wind

Yuz Museum is honored to present Zhou Li’s solo exhibition “Shadow of the Wind” from February 25th, 2017. It is also a new beginning for the artist to do the first solo exhibition in the museum after more than 10 years of thinking, exploration and self-challenging since her last solo exhibition at National Art Museum […] >> Read more
2017.03.22 Wed, by

Art Basel Hong Kong 2017 opens

A crowded Art Basel Hong Kong opened today, following the inaugural Gallery Weekend Beijing and numerous private museum events in Shanghai, including Yuz Museum and K11. It seems Hong Kong is expanding to the Mainland. >> Read more
2017.03.09 Thu, by

Tan Ping “The Certainty of Uncertainty”
Leo Gallery, Hong Kong

Leo Gallery Hong Kong is delighted to present Tan Ping's solo exhibition The Certainty of Uncertainty at SOHO 189 Art Lane. >> Read more
2017.03.08 Wed, by

Galerie nächst St. Stephan

Max Wechsler: IMI KNOEBEL Drachenlinien We are pleased to present Drachenlinien (Kite Lines), Imi Knoebel’s seventh solo exhibition at the Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder. Imi Knoebel will be showing a selection of new works here for the first time, including “Datumsbilder” (Date Paintings) from the “Asteroiden mit gespaltener Persönlichkeit” (Asteroids with Split Personalities) […] >> Read more
2017.02.21 Tue, by

Everything You Need To Know About The FY Foundation: An Exhibition

Curated by Biljana Ciric Invited artists/hosts: Joyce Ho, Lee Kit and Li Liao With works by Liam Gillick, Tracey Emin, Danh Vo, Guo Xi, Zhang Jianling, Yang Xinguang and among others Exhibition opening: March 19, 2017 3:00pm -5:00pm Curator tour at opening: 3:30pm SZ x GZ Art Tour Date: March 24 More info for Tour, […] >> Read more

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