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2014.04.25 Fri, by

Pioneers of Modern Chinese Painting in Paris

The exhibition "Pioneers of Modern Chinese Painting in Paris" presents Sino-French artists of the early 20th century heralded as fundamentals. >> Read more
2014.04.04 Fri, by

Painting Does Not Need to be Defended

A more fundamental question is that any “decline” of painting in China is any more than a moment’s fancy, when in actual fact, painting is actually gaining strength and flourishing in the market. Moreover, art in a frame is still the format which most easily resonates with the wider public audience for art in China... >> Read more
2014.03.28 Fri, by

About Painting

[Press Release] March 22 to July 21, 2014 VIP Preview (by invitation only): March 21, 16:00-20:00 The opening of the exhibition: March 22, 14:00 Is painting an outmoded medium? Are today’s painters simply reinventing the wheel? Through the work of six established, mid-career painters About Painting examines the force and life of a medium that […] >> Read more
2014.03.22 Sat, by

The Pattern of the City: Juju Sun’s New Paintings

Pearl Lam Galleries is delighted to present a major solo exhibition of Chinese artist Juju Sun, The Pattern of the City: Juju Sun’s New Paintings, curated by the renowned Chinese art scholar Gao Minglu. The exhibition will run from 24 March to 3 May, 2014. >> Read more
2014.03.12 Wed, by

Su Xiaobai – Painting and Being

A solo show of lacquer paintings by one of China’s most celebrated contemporary artists, curated by Paul Moorhouse, to coincide with Art Basel in Hong Kong. >> Read more
2014.02.08 Sat, by

Imaging the Mysterious *** A solo painting exhibition by Wang Min (Beijing, China)

We are proud to present Wang Min’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong at AO Vertical Art Space. 'Imaging the Mysterious' — Lao Tze Verse 25 from Dao De Ching >> Read more
2013.07.03 Wed, by


James Cohan Gallery Shanghai is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by three Chinese artists: Huang Yuanqing, Ouyang Chun and Shi Zhiying. >> Read more
2013.05.22 Wed, by

Painting Lesson Ⅲ: Elementary and Extreme Structure

The exhibition in Gallery Young from this year's series of painting lessons takes the title, “Elementary and Extreme Structure.” >> Read more
2013.04.09 Tue, by

Experiencing Simplicity – Realistic Paintings from Long Collection

“Experiencing Simplicity — Realistic Paintings from Long Collection” is a brand-new exhibition after Long Museum’s opening debut based on Long Museum’s abundant collection of Chinese realistic paintings. >> Read more
2013.03.24 Sun, by


Ben Brown Fine Arts is pleased to announce the inaugural show of Simon Birch, one of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed contemporary artists, taking place atits gallery in Central Hong Kong’s Pedder Building from 10 April to 16 May 2013. >> Read more

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