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2018.09.07 Fri, by

Liu Wei, Shadows, Long March Space

(中文) 影子是关系的产物,幻影则是意识的产物,刘韡的作品是影子与幻影的重影,也是艺术家意识与工人劳作的重影。 >> Read more
2018.03.13 Tue, by

Liu Wei
Long March Space

Liu Wei’s recent large-scale installations and paintings continue to reflect his sensitivity towards urban texture in China’s post-planning era. In his own abstract and streamlined fashion, >> Read more
2016.05.18 Wed, by

2016 AAC

(中文) 第十届AAC艺术中国年度影响力依然颁出三项大奖,其中,黄专主编的《世界3:作为观念的艺术史》获得“年度出版物”大奖、胡向前获得“年度青年艺术家”奖项、刘韡获得“年度艺术家”奖项。
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2015.07.01 Wed, by

Nocturnal Friendships | Curated by Liu Wei and Li Bowen |Lehmann Maupin Hong Kong

Hong Kong, June 26, 2015—Lehmann Maupin Hong Kong is pleased to present Nocturnal Friendships, an exhibition that examines various forms of friendship and considers the idea of friendship in relation to desire, the erotic, and death. >> Read more
2015.02.08 Sun, by

Liu Wei: Colors

Liu Wei (b. 1972, Beijing) is one of the most important artistic voices of his generation. Coming from the heated conceptual climate of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou during the 1990s and a key member of the late 1990s “Post-Sense Sensibility” formation, Liu Wei has gone on in the past decade to pioneer […] >> Read more
2013.07.15 Mon, by

Rebaudengo Foundation buys Liu Wei’s Library
Zhou Xiaohu wins DAAD fellowship

Shanghai artist Zhou Xiaohu (b. 1960) awarded DAAD fellowship for the Berlin Artist Program residency >> Turin Foundation Rebaudengo purchases Liu Wei's (b. 1972) "Library" >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2012.11.24 Sat, by

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Creativity

In light of Liu Wei’s recent solo exhibition at Long March Space in Beijing, randian sought out the artist in his studio located on the outskirts of Beijing to discuss media, social intervention, consumerist culture and creativity in a post-industrial world.
>> Read more
Artist profiles, 2011.08.07 Sun, by

On Liu Wei

Video aesthetics, visual perception, horizontality vs verticality. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2011.05.05 Thu, by

Review of Liu Wei’s “Trilogy” — Part II

Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai. March 20 to May 3, 2011 Liu Wei’s ‘Trilogy’ at Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai Part II — Read Part I of this review here  The Gothic flying buttresses seem to have developed, at least partly, out of two series of work: Liu Wei’s composition of recycled windows and doors, “The Outcast,” (2007; also previously shown […] >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2020.06.20 Sat, by


The affirmation of the value of individual life, and the constant affirmation of other rights on this basis, allows the boundary of "freedom" to expand, and creativity thus continuously flows, actively refreshing the cognition, and the world of experience grows accordingly. >> Read more

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