EX: 1/30/2012
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2016.01.05 Tue, by

Ink Asia 2015

when artists translate philosophical ideas into visual icons and then claim them as ink art without due reflection, the so-called “Eastern spirit”—embodying Confucian, Taoist, Buddhist ideas and what not—would inevitably become a mere means to an end... >> Read more
2015.06.04 Thu, by

Shi Zhiying at James Cohan Gallery Shanghai | I Don’t Pretend to Understand the Universe

James Cohan Gallery Shanghai is pleased to present its second solo exhibition with the Shanghai-based painter Shi Zhiying. >> Read more
2014.07.17 Thu, by

Extraordinary Daily II: Xue Tao Solo Exhibition 2014

Xue Tao's Kunmimg-based revival of his 2007 "Extraordinarily Daily" 2007 exhibits in Beijing and Shanghai. This current selection contains 14 Arte Povera reminiscent sculptures made of twisted newspaper over the past seven years.
>> Read more
2014.07.17 Thu, by

Extraordinary Daily II: Xue Tao Solo Exhibition 2014

Xue Tao, being one of the experimental artists and event planners from this period of time, has had a very important role in promoting this development. >> Read more
2014.07.17 Thu, by

TCG Nordica Gallery

TCG Nordica started in April 2000 with the vision of: “Stimulating reflection on Human Worth as expressed in various Art Forms.” It has quickly become one of Kunmings foremost galleries and a popular meeting-point for the city’s residents, particularly artists, intellectuals and students. >> Read more
2014.06.27 Fri, by

Green Inclination

What better way to deliver an awakening insight into Yunnan “fengjing” (scenery, landscape) than under the flawless curatorial eye of Yunnan University’s renowned artist-professor Mao Xuhui? The harmonious spirit he captures in his selections for "Pian Lu" ("Green Inclination") is powerful enough to convert even the recalcitrant to believe in the creative power of Yunnan fengjing. >> Read more
2013.07.03 Wed, by


James Cohan Gallery Shanghai is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by three Chinese artists: Huang Yuanqing, Ouyang Chun and Shi Zhiying. >> Read more
2013.03.25 Mon, by

Lu Pingyuan: Waiting for an Artist Description

Waiting for An Artist touches upon demands of the art system and offers a perspective to understand “demands”. >> Read more
2010.09.26 Sun, by

Moved, mutated and disturbed individuals

Thoughts on curators imposing subject matter. >> Read more