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2014.06.30 Mon, by

Tang Dixin Solo Show at OTA FINE ARTS

Ota Fine Arts is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Tang Dixin (born in 1982), a Shanghai-based contemporary artist. >> Read more
2014.06.30 Mon, by


Ota Fine Arts was established in 1994 in the Ebisu area in Tokyo. For 16 years the gallery has defined itself as being a pioneer of Japanese contemporary art. Since its inception, Ota Fine Arts has promoted various Japanese artists, including internationally acclaimed Yayoi Kusama. In 2003, the gallery moved to Roppongi and later it […] >> Read more
2017.06.01 Thu, by

West Bund Art & Design announces 2017 Gallery List

Now in its fourth edition, the West Bund Art & Design (10 – 12 November, 2017) >> Read more
2016.11.04 Fri, by

2016 ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair(November 10th to 13th 2016)

With 2015 ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair successfully held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center for the first time, the 2016 edition will continue on its previous success and take place from November 10th to 13th 2016. >> Read more
2016.07.31 Sun, by

The new edition of West Bund Art & Design

The new edition of West Bund Art & Design will be taking place from November 9 to November 13 at the West Bund Art Center, >> Read more
2016.03.07 Mon, by

2016 West Bund Art & Design Dates

The new edition of West Bund Art & Design will be held at West Bund Art Center from November 9th (Wed) to 13th (Sun) 2016. >> Read more
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2015.11.17 Tue, by

2015 ART021

(中文) 参展画廊从创建时候的29家,到第二年的54家,2015年数量增加到75家,同时还有2个非盈利项目,3个特别展览,共同呈现出博览会内容的丰富与多样。 >> Read more
2015.09.11 Fri, by

2015 West Bund Art and Design

The 2nd West Fund Art and Design Fair opened on September 8 and will continue until September 13. >> Read more
2015.08.30 Sun, by

Hearing Colors, Tasting Shapes

AIKE-DELLARCO is pleased to announce the exhibition “Hearing Colors, Tasting Shapes”, featuring works by Tang Dixin (China), Giuseppe Gabellone (Italy), Diego Perrone (Italy), Jurgen Ots (Belgium), Lee Kit (Hong Kong), and Neïl Beloufa (France). >> Read more

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