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2019.11.08 Fri, by

Art Taipei 2019 Review

Before I catch my connecting flight back to Rome, I briefly note down my impression of Art Taipei. “It’s both very young, with the  insecurities and optimism of an adolescent, and very old, with the relaxed attitude of someone who has seen a lot and is a pinch senile”. >> Read more
2015.01.21 Wed, by

From New York to Beijing, Polit-Sheer-Form’s Collectivist Propaganda Committee

Participation in the collective life of the artist is now a major creative method. Material artist groups are assuming especial prominence; one of these is Polit-Sheer-Form... >> Read more
2014.11.18 Tue, by

Polit-Sheer-Form:Fitness for All

Polit-Sheer-Form:Fitness for All >> Read more
2014.10.02 Thu, by

Stewed Beef and Potatoes Communism

Before anything else, this exhibition strikes one with its formal—or physical—clarity. Every shape, color and line is defined with a precision befitting reproducible products, more than singular artistic objects... >> Read more
2013.09.26 Thu, by


Amelia Johnson Contemporary is pleased to present Detached Oeuvre, an exhibition of paintings by two emerging Hong Kong artists Michelle Lee Ho Wing and Chris Huen Sin Kan. >> Read more
2013.04.05 Fri, by

Michael Wilkinson : En Attendant

The centerpiece of the exhibition, En Attendant (2013), is an almost life-size black and white print of a horse-drawn carriage,blown up from a detail of a 19th century photograph of the Hôtel de Ville in ruins after the suppression of the Paris Commune in 1871. >> Read more
2012.06.26 Tue, by

Stairway to Heaven (or Enter through the Penguins)

You enter through the penguins, a crowd of inflatable riot police, walk past the cute-kitsch porcelain figurines, including police assaulting a woman (“Cairo Walk”2006), past the restaurant-neon military badges that have taken flight (“Falcons” 2012) — and there against the back wall stands a striking white pyramid. Atop its precarious steps, giant wings await: you become an angel — an Egyptian eagle. >> Read more