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2019.03.15 Fri, by

Leo Gallery

As the most familiar philosophical term for contemporary Chinese, >> Read more
2019.01.16 Wed, by

Max Huckle
Waiting for the Bus to Miss It
Leo Gallery, Hong Kong

Leo Gallery Hong Kong is pleased to present 13 paintings by Max Huckle. In the past what attracted people to the art world was how unstructured it was. >> Read more
2018.11.27 Tue, by

Painting Interface
Leo Gallery Shanghai

Leo Gallery Shanghai is honoured to present a new group exhibition Painting Interface on November 6th, which runs till January 5th 2019. Curated by the renowned art critic Huang Du, the exhibition is going to present the works of five artists Dong Dawei, Liu Zhengyong, Lu Song, Ma Ke and Qian Jiahua, showing their unique explorations and practices in the fields of expressive painting and abstractive painting. >> Read more
2018.05.21 Mon, by

Ma Shuqing
“Painting On & In”
Leo Gallery
Hong Kong

Leo Gallery Hong Kong is pleased to present Chinese artist Ma Shuqing's solo exhibition "Painting On & In", with an array of his most representative works. >> Read more
2017.09.28 Thu, by

Tan Ping
Leo Gallery, Shanghai

It is Leo Gallery’s honour to hold in Shanghai the solo exhibition of highly celebrated Chinese abstract art master Tan Ping. Compared to the solo exhibition presented in Leo Gallery Hong Kong earlier, this would be an integrated manifestation of art and space in a new form. “Form-forces” directly infuses specific site and space with […] >> Read more
2017.01.13 Fri, by

Leo Gallery | Small is Beautiful VII | Shanghai & Singapore

Leo Gallery is delighted to present Small is Beautiful VII Group Exhibition in Shanghai and Singapore in January 2017. >> Read more
2015.06.20 Sat, by

The Inner Mindscape of 5 Contemporary Chinese Artists(Shanghai)- Leo Gallery

Microscope: The Inner Mindscape of 5 Contemporary Chinese Artists - features works of contemporary Chinese artists of different ages and experiences >> Read more
2014.07.01 Tue, by

Yan – Huang Yan Solo Exhibition – Leo Gallery@ Ferguson Lane

We cordially invite You to the Exhibition Opening of YAN by Huang Yan at Leo Gallery (374 &376 Gallery Space) on 21th of June, 2014 at 5.30 pm. >> Read more
2012.12.13 Thu, by

Leo Gallery

Sorry, this entry is only available in 中文. >> Read more
2020.07.08 Wed, by


(中文) 无可否认,新冠疫情对世界的影响将会在未来相当一段时间内持续,艺术家和所有人一样难免不受到波及。我们可以在哪些历史中寻找参照,或者今天的事件又会如何影响未来?或许每个人的答案都不尽相同。这次展览邀请的作品也不会提供标准答案,然而无论影像或是绘画,具象或者抽象,其线索在于,都是艺术家在对自身所处环境或面对某个事件审视之后的表达与呈现。 >> Read more

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