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2017.11.04 Sat, by

Jungle III — Common, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute

Platform China Contemporary Art Institute is honored to announce the group exhibition Jungle III – Common. The exhibition will be on view from 5th November to 17th December, 2017. “Jungle” Project till now has spanned 8 years to this day. In 2010, Platform China launched the 1st Jungle Exhibition, aimed to explore the circumstance of […] >> Read more
2017.10.13 Fri, by

Big Pictures

Art has no equivalent of the Skyscraper Index, the notion that record-breaking towers tend to be built, hubristically, just prior to an economic crisis. The top end of the art world seems to ignore crises altogether (at least the part that doesn’t invest in tall buildings). Inflationary tendencies are observable in the art world, though, in uppity auction prices, the spread of private museums and art storage facilities and, seemingly, in art itself, no doubt partly to fill all the cavernous museums being built. >> Read more
2017.01.18 Wed, by


(Hong Kong, 10 January 2017) To commemorate the beginning of an artful year, Massimo De Carlo gallery presents its first group show ‘Between Utopia and Dystopia’ at Hong Kong’s Pedder Building. It will be on display from19 January 2017 to 11 March 2017. >> Read more
2016.08.15 Mon, by


“Studio” brings together twelve of China's most prominent contemporary.By exploring their studios and working conditions through each artist's own lens, the source of their creative output is put on display... >> Read more
2016.05.02 Mon, by
2016.03.21 Mon, by

Decking the Halls: Asian gallery highlights at ABHK 16

Art Basel Hong Kong is an annual chance to visit galleries whose programs don't always reach beyond the region. >> Read more
2014.04.21 Mon, by

The Immortal Scenery: An Interpretation as the Common Destination of Western and Eastern Aesthetics

Artists: Shang Yang, Zhou Chunya, Liu Ye, Luo Quanmu, Tu Hongtao, Wei Jia, Jia Aili >> Read more
2014.04.04 Fri, by

Painting Does Not Need to be Defended

A more fundamental question is that any “decline” of painting in China is any more than a moment’s fancy, when in actual fact, painting is actually gaining strength and flourishing in the market. Moreover, art in a frame is still the format which most easily resonates with the wider public audience for art in China... >> Read more
2014.03.18 Tue, by

About Painting

Is painting an outmoded medium? Are today’s painters simply reinventing the wheel? Through the work of six established, mid-career painters “About Painting” examines the force and life of a medium that remains a fundamental form of human expression. The exhibition includes a number of new works and commissions, as well as representative examples of each artist’s style. >> Read more
2013.11.08 Fri, by

Sifang Art Museum: Possible Worlds

The much-anticipated Sifang Art Museum and a related architectural enclave is the pet project of real estate developer Lu Jun and his son Lu Xun in Nanjing. But following the opening of its inaugural exhibition, one wonders in hindsight about the thoughts behind “The Garden of Diversion”, curated by Philippe Pirotte. >> Read more

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