EX: 1/30/2012
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Interviews, 2014.02.27 Thu, by

A River Runs Through It—Chen Hangfeng’s Practice

Chen Hangfeng’s practice is one which never strays far from the issues affecting modern China. All these works however, are linked by a central theme which ties which is the idea of adaptation—how we adjust to changing environments and the role tradition plays in the face of the juggernaut of modernity.
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Interviews, 2018.05.14 Mon, by

‘Boogie Woogie’
de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong

de Sarthe is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Lu Xinjian, >> Read more
Interviews, 2016.12.09 Fri, by

A contemporary art experiment for Fu Lei

(中文) 12月11日,“为了傅雷的一次当代艺术实验”在周浦美术馆正式开幕。 >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.10.21 Wed, by

Prototypes Duplicates and Cast-off — Assembly Line Project 2

On February 19, 1997, Jacky Yue left the Gobi Desert, leaving behind his job in a giant state-owned company. >> Read more
Interviews, 2014.12.13 Sat, by


SNAP (SVA-NYC Art Platform) is proud to announce its’ first group exhibition, Resolution, from 2014.12.31 to 2015.01.30. >> Read more
Interviews, 2014.11.15 Sat, by


2014年11月23日,崂山西路150号,东昌电影院艺术计划,未完待续。策展人:苏冰、林薇,联合策展人:徐杰。 >> Read more
Art World, 2014.07.11 Fri, by

Down the Rabbit Hole—Into the Warrens of Basement 6

The cramped, labyrinthine tunnels witness an eclectica of scenes. Dancers in the dark and dimly lit drinks constitute its standard fare. One Sunday last fall, that took the form of Junky Cao, a sound artist, concealed behind a Mexican wrestling mask... >> Read more
Art World, 2013.11.20 Wed, by

Interstice: Between the water and the sky at Zhujiajiao

It began with a simple impromptu invitation. The blurred yellow letters announced “Overlapping Reflection,” an apt title for a contemporary art exhibition at the water-town of Zhujiajiao in the Qingpu District on the outskirts of Shanghai. >> Read more
Art World, 2013.11.06 Wed, by

Follies of a Species

[Press Release] Opening this Saturday, November 9, 5-8pm November 9-December 21, 2013 Man is a clever animal indeed. Sometimes in fact too clever. Our ambitions as a species often outstrip our ability for foresight which results in creating a less than funny comedy of errors. In this show a number of artists look at how […] >> Read more
Art World, 2013.10.24 Thu, by

FILTER THE PUBLIC:SWFC 5th Anniversary Art Project

We are pleased to announce "FILTER THE PUBLIC" as the large-scale art project to commemorate the SWFC 5th Anniversary. >> Read more

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