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2019.04.18 Thu, by

Book Review: Why Only Art Can Save Us: Aesthetics and the Absence of Emergency by Santiago Zabala

Thus, Why Only Art Can Saves Us, is a philosophical, political, and existential reflection on the appeal and aesthetic qualities of art in the 21st century. >> Read more
2017.07.06 Thu, by

Zheng Li: An Artist’s Obsession with the Aesthetics of Brush and Ink

Anyone who knows both me and Zheng Li is aware that we are unabashed admirers of each other’s work. >> Read more
2016.11.03 Thu, by

XU Gallery | Yan —-The Rediscovery of Oriental Aesthetics

(中文) “直言曰言,论难曰语。”这是《说文》中对“言”的解释。及至中国第一部词典《尔雅》中的“雅”,也指向于接近“雅言”,意图给中国传统的文辞建立规范。“言”指向于中国传统的再探寻,东方美学的再发现。 >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2014.06.04 Wed, by

Order/Disorder: The Aesthetics of Li Xiaofei

This article is only available in Chinese >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2014.04.21 Mon, by

The Immortal Scenery: An Interpretation as the Common Destination of Western and Eastern Aesthetics

Artists: Shang Yang, Zhou Chunya, Liu Ye, Luo Quanmu, Tu Hongtao, Wei Jia, Jia Aili >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2014.02.20 Thu, by

Relational Aesthetics Strike in Miami

Security cameras at the Perez Museum on Sunday caught Miami-based artist Maximo Caminero as he walked into an exhibition, picked up an Ai Weiwei art work, and dropped it nonchalantly on the floor. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.11.22 Fri, by

“Zhuangzi” Meets “Relational Aesthetics”: Nicolas Bourriaud to Curate the 2014 Taipei Biennale

Nicolas Bourriaud was recently announced as the chief curator of the 2014 Taipei Biennale to be held at the Taipei Fine Art Museum. The biennale is due to open in September next year... >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.10.08 Tue, by


A4 Contemporary Arts Center is pleased to invite you to attend the opening party of 2013 A4 Young Artist Experimental Season 1st Round Exhibition, at 15:00 Sat. 13rd July, 2013. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.05.15 Wed, by

I am Not Involved in Aesthetic Progress – A Rethinking of Performance

A look at the first exhibition at Star Gallery's new warehouse space — a performance-based show that aims to rethink the medium. >> Read more
Interviews, 2022.01.28 Fri, by

Animal Mineral Vegetable: Angela Bulloch’s Architectural Gestures

Angela Bulloch – ‘It's a feast for the mind because their appearance changes, so you're constantly doing adjustments with your eyes. Your eyes are trying to find the similarities, the differences, the irregularities. It’s like scratching an itchy place in the mind.’ >> Read more

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