EX: 1/30/2012
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2018.10.23 Tue, by

Hu Qingyan
“Absent & Superfluous”
Galerie Urs Meile Beijing

Galerie Urs Meile Beijing is pleased to announce Absent & Superfluous, a solo exhibition featuring Beijing-based artist Hu Qingyan (*1982) most recent works. >> Read more
2016.08.24 Wed, by


Gallery 55 is proud to present the Shanghai premiere of “The Absent’, an independent short movie Directed by Dianxia LIU & Ping XU on the 7th of September 2016. >> Read more
思考, 2014.06.20 Fri, by

The Artist is Absent

Ai is not speaking to the critics and academics. “Evidence” is for the masses.
>> Read more
思考, 2014.01.06 Mon, by

Absent Pleasure: Taryn Simon

Withholding all personal emotion, Taryn Simon has erected a highly elaborate stage. The irony of this acute, deeply researched and detailed site is that it defines negative space. In this un-delineated space, imagination, empathy, curiosity, suspicion, relief, horror, awe—indeed all potential reactions—play out. >> Read more
思考, 2013.03.06 Wed, by


In Zhang Yanna’s world of paintings, everyday life – even the overlapping steep peaks - is defined as unreachable purity and tranquillity. >> Read more
思考, 2012.12.23 Sun, by

Rodentia in Absentia

A look at the latest project by Adrian Wong at Saamlung, Hong Kong - research, rats, narrative and sculpture. >> Read more
思考, 2012.11.06 Tue, by

Rodentia in Absentia

Originally trained in research psychology, Adrian Wong began making and exhibiting work in San Francisco while concurrently conducting experiments on young children. >> Read more
思考, 2012.06.15 Fri, by

In Absentia: Gu Dexin

“The Important Thing is Not the Meat” must be one of the most keenly anticipated Chinese shows of 2012. It is a grand exhibition not only by virtue of looking back over the career of Gu Dexin — very arguably China’s greatest conceptual artist thus far — but also because Gu himself has, to all accounts, quit art... >> Read more
思考, 2020.09.09 Wed, by

Ugo Rondinone: “nuns + monks”

The recent sculptures nuns + monks by Ugo Rondinone take their rightful place in the continuity of a narrative introduced by the artist thirty-two years ago. A narrative composed of chapters that would never cease to interact with one another throughout a trajectory made up of intertextual questions, back-and-forths, survivals, displacements and reinventions of shapes and attitudes, or of interrogations that are constantly being renegotiated. >> Read more
思考, 2019.06.05 Wed, by

Hao Zhong

TAKI is an important figure in the artist’s simple social life structure. >> Read more

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