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How to Christen an Artwork:
The cryptically titled “Back Home with Baudelaire” takes home the Sovereign Asian Art Prize

Girolamo Marri takes a humorous look at the mischievous role of the title in guiding or obscuring the meaning of an artwork using Hong Kong collective MAP office as an example. >> Read more
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It is with pleasure that SGA WING #1 presents TRACKING BAUDELAIRE by Map Office, winner of the Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2013 for their photograph “Back Home with Baudelaire, No. 5” (2005). >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.04.05 Fri, by

MAP Office: Back Home at Last

Robin Peckham explores the oeuvre of MAP Office and their place in the strange art ecology of Hong Kong and greater China.
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MAP Office: The Oven of Straw

In this installation in the UCCA Nave, Hong Kong-based artist/architect duo MAP OFFICE will focus on the historical, fundamental importance of wheat. >> Read more
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News: Manifesta in Russia, Wang Chunchen curates the China Pavilion, Artshare & More

Manifesta in St. Petersburg; Wang Chunchen in Venice; Iberia Center renamed Hive Center; Launch of ArtShare; MAP Office wins Sovereign Art Prize >> Read more
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Telofossils, Network Hybridity, and the Politics of Pleasure in Speculative Realism

For a world that we cannot perceive, what does it matter whether it exists or not? Perhaps you can further demonstrate that, though an autonomous world is imperceptible, it can still think for us. Yet in this sense, such a world becomes one stipulated by human thought, and ultimately cannot escape the fundamental relationship between thinking and being. >> Read more
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Unraveling the Modern

Titling a biennial “Modern Life” is a bold move, but this is what the artistic director of the Lyon Biennale, Thierry Raspail, has chosen to do.
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Crossovers – A Filmic Exploration of History, Stories and Human Remains(OCAT Shanghai)

OCAT Shanghai is pleased to announce Crossovers - A filmic exploration of history, stories and human remains, organized in collaboration with Arthub. >> Read more