EX: 1/30/2012
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2018.05.17 Thu, by

‘America My Hometown’
Blain Southern, London

America My Hometown traces Edward Kienholz’s formative years (1954-1967), showing an artist coming to terms with both his unique vision and the social climate of the US throughout this tumultuous era. The work is direct and raw in its execution, as well as unsparingly critical of the political problems of twentieth-century America. >> Read more
2017.11.13 Mon, by

Shadow of Curls
Blain Southern, Berlin

Blain|Southern presents shadow of curls, Sislej Xhafa’s first exhibition in Germany. >> Read more
2017.11.13 Mon, by

Blain Southern, London

Blain|Southern presents BODIES, an exhibition of new paintings by James White. >> Read more
2019.06.22 Sat, by

Herbert Zangs
Plus Minus
Blain|Southern New York

Blain|Southern New York is pleased to announce Plus Minus, an exhibition of work by Herbert Zangs (1924- 2003 Krefeld, Germany) >> Read more
2019.05.08 Wed, by

Abdoulaye Konaté
Couleurs d’âme
Blain|Southern NYC

For the inaugural exhibition of its New York gallery, >> Read more
2019.05.01 Wed, by

Enrique Martínez Celaya
The Mariner’s Meadow
Blain|Southern London

Blain|Southern London presents The Mariner’s Meadow, >> Read more
2019.04.08 Mon, by

Bernar Venet
Blain | Southern Berlin

Blain|Southern Berlin presents two major bodies of works from the last decade by conceptual artist Bernar Venet (b. 1941, France). >> Read more
2019.01.24 Thu, by

Approaching Abstraction, Blain|Southern London

Approaching Abstraction is a group show that showcases a movement amongst Mexican artists towards abstract and more monochromatic works. It runs concurrent to Bosco Sodi’s exhibition, Heavens and the Earth. Sodi is the founder of Fundación Casa Wabi, a foundation that supports the development new opportunities for contemporary art in Mexico. He co-curates the exhibition alongside Casa Wabi’s […] >> Read more
2019.01.24 Thu, by

Bosco Sodi, Heavens and the Earth, Blain|Southern London

Blain|Southern London is delighted to announce Heavens and the Earth, an exhibition of new paintings by Bosco Sodi that demonstrates the artist’s ongoing exploration of transformative processes. >> Read more
2018.11.12 Mon, by

Chiharu Shiota
Me Somewhere Else
Blain|Southern London

Blain|Southern London is delighted to announce Me Somewhere Else, an exhibition of new works by Chiharu Shiota. The artist’s first exhibition at the London gallery, Me Somewhere Else will include one of Shiota’s site-specific installations, sculpture and works on canvas. >> Read more

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