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2018.07.06 Fri, by

Soul of the Soulless
Edouard Malingue Gallery, Esther Schipper, König Galerie
Condo Shanghai

Owing to Edouard Malingue Gallery's great commitment, Condo will finally come to Shanghai in July 2018. “Condo” — taken from “Condominium” (com “together” and dominium “right of ownership”, referring to a territory formally shared by different powers) — is a new format for international galleries to collaborate in exhibition-making. >> Read more
2018.07.06 Fri, by

Ajarb Bernard Ategwa, Grace Weaver, Wang Xiaoqu
AIKE, Peres Projects, Koppe Astner and Soy Capitan
Condo Shanghai

For the first edition of Condo Shanghai, AIKE is pleased to host Peres Projects, Koppe Astnerand Soy Capitan and present the exhibition featuring three emerging painters: Ajarb Bernard Ategwa, Grace Weaver and Wang Xiaoqu. Each of the artists from different continent explores the theme of figure painting with distinct approaches. Ajarb Bernard Ategwa was born […] >> Read more
2018.06.30 Sat, by
2018.06.30 Sat, by

Frame of the Images;
Boundary of the Time
Condo Shanghai
A+ Contemporary, Shanghai

A+ Contemporary is pleased to host Mexico City and Mérida-based gallery joségarcía ,mx for the exhibition Frame of the Images; >> Read more
2018.03.20 Tue, by

‘Life is Worth Living’
Almine Rech Gallery, Paris
October 14–November 18, 2017

George Condo's first Asia show opens in March, so we are taking the opportunity for a look back at his recent show in Paris at Almine Rech Gallery. >> Read more
Interviews, 2018.03.20 Tue, by

Exploring the Extreme Vision of George Condo’s Work

George Condo’s first solo show in Hong Kong, “Expanded Portrait Compositions”, opens at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. Organized by Sprüth Magers and Skarstedt, it comprises major new work by one of the most influential living painters. >> Read more
Interviews, 2018.03.17 Sat, by

Expanded Portrait Compositions
Skarstedt and Sprüth Magers
at the Maritime Museum, Hong Kong

24 January 2018, Hong Kong - Skarstedt and Sprüth Magers are delighted to present Expanded Portrait Compositions, >> Read more
Interviews, 2018.01.14 Sun, by

MadeIn Gallery in Condo London

From January 13th to February 10th, 2018, MadeIn Gallery invited together with KOW (Berlin) by Project Native Informant (London) >> Read more
Interviews, 2017.08.18 Fri, by

CONDO NYC: Couchsurfing for Galleries

For the duration of one of New York’s soupiest summer months, CONDO came to town bringing 20 non-New York galleries and a handful of artists with it. A project founded by the London dealer Vanessa Carlos, led in New York by Simone Subal and Nicole Russo, the CONDO mission is a noble one—to challenge existing models while “pooling resources and acting communally.” >> Read more
Interviews, 2017.07.30 Sun, by

October 16 — November 18, 2017
Almine Rech Gallery, Paris

Almine Rech Gallery Paris is pleased to announce George Condo’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. >> Read more

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