EX: 1/30/2012
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2016.09.10 Sat, by

Château Shatto

406 W PICO BLVD LOS ANGELES, CA 90015 +1 213 973 5327 Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 6pm or by appointment Château Shatto remains open through Summer Sixteen Owner / directors Olivia Barrett olivia @ chateaushatto.com Nelson Harmon nelson @ chateaushatto.com Gallery manager Callie Humphrey gallery @ chateaushatto.com >> Read more
2017.04.07 Fri, by

Vertical Gardens, Antenna Space

The vertical garden, or ‘green wall,’ was developed in order to maximize the use of available surfaces in congested urban spaces. Although it is a mutant practice, it takes its cue from various ancient farming traditions, ranging from Babylon to Pompeii, with the first modern iteration introduced in Paris around 1985. While not popularized until […] >> Read more
2016.09.10 Sat, by

PARKER ITO • Exhibition open from September 1 • ‘live from the capitol records b.– i am not a human i am a disgusting piece of shit’

dear chateau shatto, i am having an art show. thank you! or is it art shows? something will happen in your gallery between the dates of sept. 1 – nov. 6, 2016. do you remember my last show? i am not having an opening, nor am i having a closing. it has been hard to […] >> Read more
2016.05.28 Sat, by

LA, the New Art Frontier

It is a mistake to compare LA with New York, Beijing or London, because Los Angeles is what they are not. It is their idiosyncratic counterpoint. >> Read more