EX: 1/30/2012
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2021.06.19 Sat, by

Wind H Art Center Opened A New Exhibition “To Be the Better One —The Method-ology of the New Generation” Presenting A Diverse Dialogue With The New Generation

From June 20th to September 7th, 2021, Wind H Art Center will present the exhibition “To Be the Better One —The Methodology of the New Generation New Work, New Identity, New Life, New Direction”. This exhibition will shed light on the novel artistic phenomena presented by the most representative new generation of artists in the […] >> Read more
2016.04.22 Fri, by


Tang Dayao does not imbue his paintings with memories of an era, nor does he indulge in private worlds. >> Read more
Extra, 2014.09.03 Wed, by

Frieze Begs Questions in Beijing

On Saturday, CAFAM was host to an afternoon with Frieze magazine, raising questions about publishing on art in China.
>> Read more
Extra, 2014.07.06 Sun, by

Where Jianghu Began: the Demimonde of Art in China

Some things have disappeared or changed, but some things can only exist within "jianghu", this wandering world of artists and misfits... >> Read more
Extra, 2014.07.03 Thu, by

First Xinjiang Biennale Opens

On June 25, the first edition of the Xinjiang International Art Biennale opened in Urumqi. The biennale, organized by the Ministry of Culture as well as the Xinjiang Government... >> Read more
Extra, 2013.11.25 Mon, by

Dong Bingfeng Announced as Winner of 2013 Chinese Contemporary Art Critic Award

Dong Bingfeng has been announced as the winning critic for 2013—his entry being the proposal for a book entitled Cinema of Exhibition: Film in Contemporary Chinese Art. >> Read more
Extra, 2013.04.09 Tue, by

Experiencing Simplicity – Realistic Paintings from Long Collection

“Experiencing Simplicity — Realistic Paintings from Long Collection” is a brand-new exhibition after Long Museum’s opening debut based on Long Museum’s abundant collection of Chinese realistic paintings. >> Read more
Extra, 2013.03.05 Tue, by

Face to Face: Portraits and Interiors, Chinese Dutch Painting Exhibition

The exhibition Face2Face to be held in the Today Art museum in March 2013 is a contemporary show about one of the most traditional subjects in art history: portraits and interiors. >> Read more
History & Theory, 2009.03.09 Mon, by

Spheres of Influence

The Westerners are skilled in geometry, and consequently there is no the slightest mistake in their way of rendering light and shade [yang-yin] and distance (near and far). When they paint houses on a wall people are tempted to walk into them . . . Students of painting may well take over one or two points from them to make their own paintings more attractive to the eye. >> Read more
History & Theory, 2017.06.14 Wed, by

40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Photography (1976-2017) – Three Shadows 10th Anniversary Special Exhibition

Emerging after the Cultural Revolution, Chinese contemporary photography has more than forty years of history. This exhibition is divided into four sections: “The Rise of Unofficial Photography (1976–1979)”, “New Wave Photography (1980-1989)”, “Experimental Photography (1990-2006)”, and “The Development of Experimental Photography Organizations (2007-present) ” >> Read more