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2018.03.12 Mon, by

Museum 2050
2018 Annual Symposium
Looking to new institutional models
China’s cultural landscape by mid century
June 9 -10, 2018

In this inaugural symposium, we seek to critically examine the diverse museum practices in both official and private domains of the Greater China Region. We welcome papers that investigate how institutional frameworks are fostered by the unique social and cultural dynamics at play in China. >> Read more
2016.11.08 Tue, by

Guggenheim Museum Presents New Art from Greater China That Explores the Concept of Place through Storytelling

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum presents Tales of Our Time, an exhibition featuring nine newly commissioned works by artists born in mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. >> Read more
2016.09.10 Sat, by

A Nomadic Life – Francesco Clemente in China

Springs Center of Art is pleased to present the solo exhibition of internationally renowned contemporary artist Francesco Clemente, “A Nomadic life – Francesco Clemente in China”. >> Read more
2015.10.28 Wed, by

Matthias Messmer and Hsin-Mei Chuang—As It Disappears: A Cultural Study of Rural China – Ray Art Center

Ray Art Center is pleased to present As It Disappears: A Cultural Study of Rural China starting onOctober 31th, 2015. >> Read more
2015.09.10 Thu, by

“Reverse the Perspective: An Exhibition of Foreign Artists in China” Going to Tianjin

MEBOSPACE is pleased to announce that “Reverse the Perspective: An Exhibition of Foreign Artists in China” will be touring to Xiangsi Art Museum in Tianjin city starting from September 13, 2015. >> Read more
2015.06.26 Fri, by

HUGO BOSS ASIA ART 2015 shines a spotlight on Greater China and Southeast Asia, with six exciting emerging artists on the shortlist

The second edition of the Award returns with a focus on Greater China but also encompassing exciting artists from Southeast Asia... >> Read more
2015.03.24 Tue, by

At China: Early Photography and Photographic Technique

Taikang’s first exhibition in 2015 will take the visitors on a tour of early photography in China in the 19th century. >> Read more
2014.08.24 Sun, by

Contemporary Photography in China 2009 – 2014- Minsheng Art Museum

Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum presents Contemporary Photography in China 2009 – 2014. Featuring photography, installation and video works by 52 artists/art collectors, the exhibition intends to present a big picture of the development of contemporary photography in China. >> Read more
艺术世界, 2014.06.18 Wed, by

Chronus Art Center: R&D First, China’s Own ZKM Next?

Will CAC grow up to be China’s version of ZKM? The organization must first develop sustainable operations, diversify its financial resources, refine its collection plan, digitize its archival documents, and stand the test of time... >> Read more
艺术世界, 2014.03.13 Thu, by

China Focus—Cramped for Space at the Armory

It was difficult, at times, to keep track of everything on offer; particularly chaotic was the China Focus section which, despite the amount of hoopla that surrounded it in the run up to the fair, was squeezed into a small back section.
>> Read more

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