EX: 1/30/2012
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The Maschkera
A story inspired by Han Feng’s new work

Jumping and whooping, men swept by in costumes covered in fabric petals, their bodies thawed into fluttering colors. It took Andy a moment to realize that their swollen, red features and black, hollowed eyes belonged to wooden masks. >> Read more
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The Shadow of Change
Richard Koh Fine Art

Richard Koh Fine Art (RKFA - SG) is pleased to announce Yim Maline’s (b.1982) first solo exhibition in Singapore. >> Read more
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Chen Chun-Hao: Reflections of Shangri-La in the Mosquito Nail Landscape

for Chen Chun-Hao, his innovation in media, form, and texture through substitution and amalgamation is informed by “unlikeness in likeness; likeness in unlikeness,” so that the visually unexpected sculptural qualities and the optical illusion they render, together achieve a reasoned liberation in his work. >> Read more
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Shanghai November Round up

I feel that the exhibitions on November 9 and following it are worth looking at with a sense of doubt about the establishment and with a questioning attitude. Here are my observations. >> Read more
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Meditation – Chambers Fine Art (Beijing)

Chambers Fine Art is proud to announce young artists group show Meditation, which opens on November 26th at our Beijing gallery. Six artists are presented in the exhibition: Chen Siping, Dong Yuan, Fu Xiaotong, Lao Tongli, Li Xuwei and Wu Wei. >> Read more
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Phnom Penh, Cambodja

With Decomposition, Yim Maline imaginatively prods and ponders expanded notions of landscape and its representation. After a year of residencies and travel to diverse ecosystems on four continents, Maline continues to cultivate a deeper consciousness around the tenuous state of the global environment, with her home and country as both a core and comparative concern. >> Read more
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The Unbearable Tightness of Being

Artists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China address nervousness in contemporary urban environments. >> Read more
评论, 2016.08.11 Thu, by

The Difference Between Two Smiles: Gentrification in Beijing

I try to understand how an artist, a designer, an architect, a writer, a poet, or any other “creative” individual should go about this kind of activity in order to bring his or her own work and practice into this kind of context. >> Read more
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A Decorative Frieze

In the past, Frieze has meant a colorful cocktail that might include plasticine works alongside something by Pipilotti Rist or Tobias Rehberger...
>> Read more
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Frieze New York Returns to Manhattan, Marking Frieze’s 25th Anniversary Year

The fifth edition of Frieze New York returns to Randall’s Island Park, Manhattan from May 5–8, 2016. >> Read more

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