EX: 1/30/2012
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2016.04.22 Fri, by

David Diao: Home Turf

No matter how transient or imagined these ‘houses’ may be, they are, without doubt, residues of his ‘shelters’ in an on-going itinerary. >> Read more
2016.02.29 Mon, by


Office Baroque is honored to present David Diao’s exhibition, Ref: Barnett Newman. Since 1990 Diao has painted twenty-eight works, and counting, related to seminal American Abstract Expressionist painter Barnett Newman (1905-1970). >> Read more
2015.09.07 Mon, by

David Diao

David Diao (b. 1943, Chengdu) is a key figure in the history of conceptual painting during the second half of the twentieth century. >> Read more
2017.05.05 Fri, by


Postmasters Gallery opened in East Village in December 1984, moved to Soho in 1989 and in September 1998 the gallery relocated again to Chelsea. In October 2013 Postmasters opened its new spectacular 4,500 square-foot ground-floor space on 54 Franklin Street in Tribeca, complete with large functional basement. (read more)  Postmasters is the primary gallery for all […] >> Read more
2017.02.21 Tue, by

You Space

Frank F. Yang Art and Education Foundation Frank F. Yang Art and Education Foundation was established in 2015. The foundation is devoted to the promotion, education and research of avant-garde and conceptual art across the world. It actively promotes the research and collection of Chinese contemporary art with a focus on international exchange of Chinese […] >> Read more
2016.03.05 Sat, by

Conversations and Salon: Art Basel’s talks program returns to Hong Kong

Art Basel’s Conversations and Salon program returns to Hong Kong with a wide range of panels featuring prominent figures within the international art world, from leading artists, gallerists and collectors >> Read more
2015.12.23 Wed, by

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art Announces 2016 Exhibition Schedule

On December 21, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) released its 2016 exhibition schedule while giving an overview of operations in 2015. >> Read more
2015.09.29 Tue, by

Fall shows in Beijing

Beijing shows to take in this season. >> Read more
Interviews, 2014.04.26 Sat, by

15 Years of CCAA: Interview with Uli Sigg

To coincide with the opening this week in Shanghai of the 15th anniversary exhibition of the "Chinese Contemporary Art Awards" (CCAA) at the Power Station of Art, Randian's Chris Moore spoke at length with Uli Sigg about the history and philosophy behind CCAA, still the most respected art award in China... >> Read more
Interviews, 2013.11.05 Tue, by

Eslite Gallery

With nearly 20 years of history, Eslite Gallery was the first in Taiwan to dedicate to the promotion of Chinese contemporary art. It remains a forerunner in the arena to this day. >> Read more

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