EX: 1/30/2012
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2018.05.17 Thu, by

Stone Flesh
Don Gallery, Shanghai

Smoky grey-blue eyes like pietra serena, a Grecian nose, a gently curved forehead, >> Read more
2018.03.17 Sat, by

a.f.art theatre Fangling
Don Gallery

a.f.art theatreFangling’s second show at Don Gallery, “Weightless,” revolves around the conjunctures of alienation and theatricality, >> Read more
2017.11.09 Thu, by

Shanghai Dandy
Don Gallery

Don Gallery is pleased to announce “Shanghai Dandy,” a celebration of its 10th anniversary. >> Read more
2017.09.28 Thu, by

Wu Ding
The Rhythm of Ultimate II
Don Gallery

On Wednesday, 27 September 2017, Don Gallery will present “The Rhythm of Ultimate II”by WU Ding, to introduce his recent practice of photography, video, sound, diagrammatic and textual works. >> Read more
2017.07.22 Sat, by

Skin Gesture Body|ZHANG Yunyao – Don Gallery

ZHANG Yunyao delves into an expansive body of drawing by incorporating felt as the support for the medium to express his desire for locating an unfixed meaning of emotions through an inter- corporeal narrative. >> Read more
2017.03.06 Mon, by

Control Point – LU Song – Don Gallery

Don Gallery is thrilled to celebrate the inauguration of its new gallery space in West Bund with the artist LU Song’s first solo exhibition >> Read more
2017.02.16 Thu, by

Fuxing Renaissance
LI Shan
Don Gallery, Shanghai

Don Gallery is proud to announce Beijing-based painter Li Shan’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition, titled “Fuxing Renaissance,” brings together recent works as well as paintings dating from the early and mid-1970s, many of them rarely seen or exhibited before. Urban and natural landscapes have preoccupied the artist continuously for more than […] >> Read more
2017.01.05 Thu, by

“Daily Routine”
Don Gallery

东画廊荣幸宣布,胡为一个展“例行公事”将于 2017 年 1 月 5 日开幕。 >> Read more
2016.08.30 Tue, by

Spring, River, Flowers, Moon, Night – Liu Ren Solo Exhibition – Don Gallery

Don Gallery is delighted to announce that the solo exhibition of Liu Ren, Spring, River, Flowers, Moon, Night, will open on 4th September 2016 at the gallery. >> Read more

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