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2017.05.18 Thu, by

Dong Dawei’s Solo Exhibition “Visible Light”, A+ Contemporary, Taipei

Asia Art Center and A+ Contemporary are pleased to announce the opening of “Visible Light”, Dong Dawei’s solo exhibition, on May 27th, 2017 at Asia Art Center Taipei ll. The exhibition is on view through July 1st, 2017. >> Read more
2016.11.30 Wed, by

Dong Dawei, “The Common Reader”

(中文) 在此次展览中,董大为表示其创作的作品多是基于普通观者的角度来思考创作的,为的是打破因长期创作而产生的某些习惯性思维,以及使观者本能地感到有趣。 >> Read more
2016.09.07 Wed, by

Dong Dawei
“The Common Reader”
Gallery Yang

Gallery Yang is going to open the solo exhibition “The Common Reader” by Dong Dawei, >> Read more
2015.01.08 Thu, by

Dong Dawei at Galerie Perrotin – Studio Visit

Galerie Perrotin is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Chinese artist Dawei DONG in Hong Kong, opening on January 16. >> Read more
2018.11.27 Tue, by

Painting Interface
Leo Gallery Shanghai

Leo Gallery Shanghai is honoured to present a new group exhibition Painting Interface on November 6th, which runs till January 5th 2019. Curated by the renowned art critic Huang Du, the exhibition is going to present the works of five artists Dong Dawei, Liu Zhengyong, Lu Song, Ma Ke and Qian Jiahua, showing their unique explorations and practices in the fields of expressive painting and abstractive painting. >> Read more
2017.06.01 Thu, by

DRAWING POGO, Taikang Space, Beijing

Artists: Dong Dawei, Dong Jing, Jin Ningning, Li Weiyi, Liao Guohe, Lin Aojie, Liu Ding, Nabuqi, Song Ta, Ye Funa, Zhang Da, Zhang Miao Curator: Zhou Yi / Artistic Director: Tang Xin >> Read more
2016.08.03 Wed, by


It originated from the infinite chains of cause and effect, and in the alternation of chaos and order it undergoes adouble transformation of energy, both physically and spiritually. >> Read more
2016.06.24 Fri, by

Ghost in Flash:After Photography

With traditional photography that features mechanical shutters, films, chemical liquid and chemical development falling into decline, the world is swept into a digital age and the Internet era. >> Read more
2016.05.18 Wed, by

“Doctrine of New Capital”: Works from the Huang Yu Collection (2007-2016)

This exhibition gathers 100+ works by 65 important artists, spanning various media and types. >> Read more
2016.03.18 Fri, by

Europe at Art Basel Hong Kong 2016
Ran Dian preview

Ran Dian Art Basel Hong Kong preview of galleries from Europe—Athens, Berlin, Brussels, London, Milan, Paris, San Gimignano, Salzburg, Torino, Vienna, Zurich >> Read more

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