EX: 1/30/2012
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2012.12.20 Thu, by

Feast Projects

FEAST Projects is an exciting new art venture based in Hong Kong and founded by Philippe Koutouzis in 2010. >> Read more
2014.05.12 Mon, by

Art Basel Hong Kong 2014 preview

At the fair itself, over 245 galleries will be participating—a mix of international blue-chip galleries, top Asian and mainland Chinese galleries, as well as local galleries (We will be writing more when the fair opens).
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2013.05.21 Tue, by

Art Basel Hong Kong 2013: Who’s In and Who’s Out

A full list of which galleries are new and which are out for Art Basel Hong Kong 2013.

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2013.05.20 Mon, by

Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

Art Basel announced today the participation of 245 of the world’s leading galleries for its first edition in Hong Kong, lead partner Deutsche Bank... >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2013.04.12 Fri, by

Zao Wou-Ki (1920-2013): The Master Beyond

Zao Wou-Ki, a French painter of Chinese origin, born in Beijing in 1920, died in Switzerland on April 9, 2013. Since 2011 he lived on lake Léman where he spent long hours contemplating the landscape of “mountain and water” facing from his home.
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This painting exhibition showcases the young French artist Charles Jaulerry's Mirrors series. >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2012.12.20 Thu, by


Solo exhibition by Zao Wou-ki. >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2020.12.17 Thu, by

Boundaries Ahead – Oh Bay Art Project, Shenzhen

Stroll along the city's waterfront and discover the opening of the "Tomorrow's Park" - Oh Bay Art Project >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2014.07.17 Thu, by

Extraordinary Daily II: Xue Tao Solo Exhibition 2014

Xue Tao, being one of the experimental artists and event planners from this period of time, has had a very important role in promoting this development. >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2013.03.18 Mon, by

Jungle II – A Thriving Morphology

Initial project: Theory of Relativity Artists: Alex Gibbs / Alexander Tinei / Bi Jianye/ Fu Jingyan/ Geng Yi /Han Jiaquan /Huang Liang / Jia Aili /Lou Shenyi /Ma Ke / Nandan Ghiya /Qi Wenzhang /Qin Qi /Qiu Ruixiang /Song Yuanyuan /Wang Yin /Wang Xingwei /Xiao Bo /Xiao Jiang /Zhang Enli /Zhang Hao/Zhang Yexing /Zhao Gang […] >> Read more

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