EX: 1/30/2012
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2018.03.22 Thu, by

Zhang Yue
“If I Could”

The exhibition starts with "Firing". This first part, consisting of 162 pieces of target paper, as if cobblestones along the river of war, forms a path leading to every corners of the whole show. >> Read more
2018.01.03 Wed, by

Hu Qingtai’s Solo Project
Gallery Yang

In this new project by Hu Qingtai at Gallery Yang’s Project Space, the artist tries to understand, capture, and describe the elusive force that is deeply hidden in the body and often emerges to make an attempt to control the limbs. There is only one work in this exhibition: A Force Spurring “Limbs” via “Head”. […] >> Read more
2018.01.03 Wed, by

Zhan Chong: Moulds
Gallery Yang

The motive of this exhibition is my effort to imagine “the shapes of concepts of particles”. It was partly inspired by Ted Chiang’s novel 72 Letters. I was fascinated by the first pages of the novel, which describes a scene in which ideas are given to a clay mould by different combinations of letters on […] >> Read more
2017.09.26 Tue, by

Do Androids Dream of Electric Cows?
Gallery Yang, Beijing

Artist Statement The title of this exhibition, Do Androids Dream of Electric Cows, sprang from a dream I dreamt a year ago. After googling around, I found out it is very similar to the plot of the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the basis of the film Blade Runner. The virtual environment of […] >> Read more
2017.07.31 Mon, by

Gallery Yang, Beijing

On August 5, Gallery Yang will open Kong Lingnan’s solo exhibition “Contours.” This is third exhibition the artist has presented at the gallery, following her exhibitions in 2012 and 2014. >> Read more
2016.11.25 Fri, by

Fan Xi – Reduction of Image – Gallery Yang

Gallery Yang will open Fan Xi's first major solo exhibition, "Reduction of Image", on November 26, 2016. Presented in this exhibition is her focus throughout her body of work on people and things and the transformations of her ways for expressing the relations between image and object—namely, how images are imagined and emerge within human consciousness and mediums. >> Read more
2016.09.07 Wed, by

Dong Dawei
“The Common Reader”
Gallery Yang

Gallery Yang is going to open the solo exhibition “The Common Reader” by Dong Dawei, >> Read more
2015.04.05 Sun, by

Zeng Hong -Gallery Yang

The works of Zeng Hong have been long since rooted in the particular politics and the process of industrialization in China. >> Read more
2012.12.13 Thu, by

Gallery Yang

In 2010 Gallery Yang was founded in 798 Art District, Beijing. It dedicates itself to promoting independent young Chinese artists, the ideas generated by critical thinking, and the searching for more possibilities of contemporary art. >> Read more
2019.09.02 Mon, by

Jiang Quyang
Gallery 55

Gallery 55 is proud to present Hangzhou-based young artist Jiang Quyang’s individual exhibition "About" from the 6th of September through the 13th of October, 2019. >> Read more

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