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Disjunctures Between Knowledge Systems And Truth Of The World

Bai Ye solo's exhibition “Disjunctures Between Knowledge Systems And Truth Of The World” >> Read more
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Moving Images: Dr. Michael I. Jacobs’s Collection

Dr. Michael I. Jacobs, a practicing dermatologist and Associate Professor at the Weill Medical College at Cornell University in New York, is also an avid art collector, including a collection of some 43 Chinese video pieces... >> Read more
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    15 February – 19 April 2015 OPENING 14 February 2015 @ 19:00 @ MOMENTUM BERLIN On the Occasion of the 5th Birthday of LEAP Magazine MOMENTUM Presents LEAP LABS‘ Online & Print Exhibition Curated by Cao Dan and Li Zhenhua Web-site for the Online Exhibition Featuring: Aaajiao • Addie Wagenknecht • Bi Rongrong Chen […] >> Read more
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“Now You See: New Chinese Video Art from the Collection of Dr. Michael I. Jacobs”

Whitebox Art Centre (New York) is proud to present "Now You See: New Chinese Video Art from the Collection of Dr. Michael I. Jacobs"
>> Read more
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Zhang Xinjun at Telescope

A review of Zhang Xinjun's solo outing at Telescope, an artist living in Beijing with a scant exhibition record but an enviable reputation among a certain set of artists working in a cool, conceptual mode that embraces interplay amongst genres... >> Read more
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Telescope {artist studio}

Telescope {artist studio} is a non-profit styled project space located in Cao Chang Di, Beijing. Its aim is to serve the emerging artists and art communities of China by providing exhibition, curatorial, writing, and mentoring opportunities in its gallery space. Founded by James Elaine, US artist and curator, Telescope will also be a cultural bridge […] >> Read more
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In Conversation with Karen Smith

As Seen is not a simple compilation artist book. It’s about artworks, about looking at artworks in public spaces. It’s about what art does, or about what an encounter with art can be when that art is good. So it’s about how one defines what work is good: about who gets to decide and why. >> Read more
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What to let go?
Para Site’s 2018 International Conference

This year’s edition of Para Site’s International conference is interested in the renewed discussion throughout the world, often marked by symbolic actions if not yet by government policy, affecting what gets counted within the category of heritage, and who gets to do the counting: from the increasing debate around repatriation of looted artefacts by colonial powers to the varied and dissimilar processes of renaming and removing symbols of past eras, from India and Myanmar to Confederate America and Apartheid South Africa. >> Read more
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Crowdfunding for The Unappropriated Recipes

Para Site is pleased to present the crowd-funding campaign for The Unappropriated Recipes, a cookbook dedicated to Para Site’s local and international collaborators and supporters, our love for food, and our home for 20 years – Hong Kong. >> Read more
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La Biennale de Montreal Announces Preliminary List of Artists and Special Projects

La Biennale de Montréal is pleased to announce the artists who will take part in its 2016 edition (BNLMTL 2016). >> Read more