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Artist profiles, 2015.09.28 Mon, by

Jim Lambie: Get Down!

Put your headphones on – on high. Daftpunk’s new hit “Get Lucky” would be fine to start with, but we need something harder. >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2016.05.16 Mon, by

DIS: Be water, my friend

“We run an art magazine and a photography agency, but we aren’t journalists...The magazine is a platform for our artistic practice, for our friends, and for people who interest us.”

>> Read more
艺术家档案, 2015.09.24 Thu, by

Gatot Pujiarto solo exhibition ‘Masquerade of Life’

Scratched, stained, and collaged, Gatot Pujiarto’s men wear masks with open-mouthed laughs. >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2015.09.09 Wed, by

Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong – Form, Gesture, Feeling: Robert Motherwell 1915–1991 – A Centennial Exhibition

Hong Kong—Pearl Lam Galleries is delighted to present the first solo exhibition in Asia of works by pioneer abstract expressionist Robert Motherwell. >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2015.08.25 Tue, by

‘Neo-Perception’: China’s New Generation of Women Artists—Pearl Lam Galleries

Shanghai—Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to presentNeo-Perception, a group exhibition thatgathers the works of 24 young female Chinese contemporary artists. >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2015.08.14 Fri, by

Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong SOHO

Founded by Pearl Lam, Pearl Lam Galleries is a driving force within Asia's contemporary art scene. >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2015.07.31 Fri, by

Ni Haifeng solo exhibition Asynchronous, Parallel, Tautological, et cetera…

(中文) 2015 年 7 月 31 日至 9 月 2 日 星期一至星期六,上午 10 时至下午 7 时 藝術門,香港中环毕打街 12 号毕打行 6 楼 香港-藝術門画廊将呈献驻於阿姆斯特丹和北京的艺术家——倪海峰的个展。 >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2015.05.16 Sat, by

Pearl Lam Galleries invites you to the Opening of “Flux”, Wang Huangsheng solo exhibition

Shanghai—Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to presentFLUX, an exhibition of works by eminentartist and artistic director Wang Huangsheng, >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2014.10.10 Fri, by

Finally Someone Has Gotten it Right—West Bund Art and Design Proves to Be a Good Model for Dealers and Public

The beautiful venue and generous booths of well-curated international galleries, showing high quality work, has proven a winning formula. We look forward to the next edition! >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2014.08.14 Thu, by

Gonkar Gyatso: Pop Phraseology

Gonkar Gyatso, Tibet’s pre-eminent contemporary artist whose personal, political and often humorous work bridges Eastern and Western culture, will present his solo exhibition, Pop Phraseology, opening 18 September 2014, in Hong Kong at Pearl Lam Galleries. >> Read more

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