EX: 1/30/2012
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2018.03.17 Sat, by

‘Thrown into the Wind’
ShanghART M50, Shanghai

Wind always circles around, brings and takes away. >> Read more
2017.09.02 Sat, by

“Christmas Island, Naturally”
ShanghART M50

Shanghai, September 2017 – ShanghART M50 is pleased to present a solo show by acclaimed Singapore artist and photographer Robert Zhao Renhui, >> Read more
2017.04.21 Fri, by

ShanghART Gallery (M50) Lin Yuqi: Qfwfq

In Cosmicomics, a collection of short stories by Calvino, >> Read more
2017.03.06 Mon, by

SOW: Spring Ocean Wave, at ShanghART M50, Shanghai

Welcome to the exhibition of Jin Yanan, Liu Yi, Xiao Longhua and Zheng Wenxin! >> Read more
2016.11.29 Tue, by

M50 hit list – Why Shanghai’s Moganshan Road Remains Important

For a long time M50 and Moganshan Road was Shanghai’s (very) little 798 District. It was the cynosure of art production, with ShanghART and major artists like Zhang Enli and Xu Zhen long-term residents. But ShanghART has moved to the new West Bund cultural district, as has Aike Dell’arco and MadeIn Gallery. More than once […] >> Read more
2015.08.06 Thu, by

V ART CENTER____ in the Room

Jocelyn Allen, Julie Bentley, Geoff Buono, Xiaoyi Chen, Jisun Choi, Imogen Freeland, Debbie Harman, Sarah Janes, Betty Ketchedjian, Yukihito Kono, Karina Lax, Wenting Liu , Mels van der Mede, Zaynab Omotoyosi Odunsi, Yifan Qian , Alessandra Rinaudo, Veronique Rolland, Emilie Sandy, Ian Samels, Paloma Tendero, Tessa Williams, Zhanglu >> Read more
2020.10.23 Fri, by

Marc Schmitz & Han Feng at M68 Berlin

October 16th – 30th – 2020 Berlin – Shanghai | M68 – Berlin | La Chapelle – Shanghai M68, (Möckernstraße 68, basement Aufgang D, entrance D) Saturday October 17th 2 – 6 pm Finissage Thursday October 29th 4 – 6 pm (From October 19th – 30th, opening hours by appointment only) Group Exhibition ShanghART Beijing, […] >> Read more
2018.01.05 Fri, by

Wu Yunchang
Gallery 55

Gallery 55 is pleased to announce that the first solo exhibition by artist Wu Yunchang "INSTINCT" will be open on the 13th of Jan. 2018 >> Read more
2017.09.28 Thu, by

Wu Ding
The Rhythm of Ultimate II
Don Gallery

On Wednesday, 27 September 2017, Don Gallery will present “The Rhythm of Ultimate II”by WU Ding, to introduce his recent practice of photography, video, sound, diagrammatic and textual works. >> Read more
2017.09.21 Thu, by

Chang Jinchao: Not Actually an Exit

Yell Space is pleased to announce Chang Jinchao's solo exhibition, “Not Really An Exit”, from September 23rd , 2017 to November 30th , 2017. >> Read more

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