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PANDAMONIUM Micro-Exhibition #1: Hu Jieming + Ming Wong

A 4-Month Series of Artist Residencies, Open Studios, Micro-Exhibitions, Kunst Salons, Parties, Provocations, and a Group Exhibition Curated by Li Zhenhua and David Elliott >> Read more
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“Who’s the Daddy”
Edouard Malingue Gallery
Hong Kong

Flashing, pop-like imagery; visual and auditory narrations that explicitly touch upon sex, >> Read more
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Re-Presenting Martin Wong: Memories of a Not-So-Distant Past

Martin Wong was a storyteller, often prefacing descriptions of his works with quips like “There’s a long story to this painting,” before going into versions of his autobiographical account of the details behind the scenes he’d craft. >> Read more
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Makha Sanewong na Ayuthaya: the Time is Now

"Education should teach you to think logically. But in Thailand it's the opposite right now"; Makha Sanewong na Ayuthaya's first solo exhibition with hip hybrid space WTF is impressively coherent in its understated physicality and its conceptual concern with the absurdity of contemporary politics... >> Read more
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‘After Time’ Chung Seoyoung, Erica Lai, and Morgan Wong

Pearl Lam Galleries is proud to present After Time, a group exhibition curated by David Ho Yeung Chan, featuring works by Chung Seoyoung (Seoul), Erica Lai (Singapore), and Morgan Wong (Hong Kong). >> Read more
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Squint: Kenny Wong’s Kinetic Light Installation

Videotage is pleased to present the exhibition Squint by the FUSE resident Kenny Wong from January 4th to 31st. Squint is a kinetic light installation consisting of 50 mirrors >> Read more
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Glance: Qiu Zhijie — The Universe of Naming

In Hong Kong, where every square inch of land is worth its weight in gold, a space as expansive as Spring Workshop — though located far from Central — is a rarity indeed.
>> Read more
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Spring, the non-profit art space in the industrial neighbourhood of Wong Chuk Hang, hosts its first major exhibition, The Universe of Naming, by leading Chinese artist and teacher Qiu Zhijie 邱志杰. >> Read more

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