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2014.06.13 Fri, by

Lost Comrad-Weiwei LIU-55 Gallery

For the 2nd project at yellow.ant.art.lab in 2014, Weiwei LIU will present his art project entitled “Lost Comrad”. >> Read more
2018.09.01 Sat, by

Yang Zhenzhong
Surveillance and Panorama
Tang Contemporary Art

Tang Contemporary Art is proud to announce the opening of Yang Zhenzhong's solo exhibition “Surveillance and Panorama”on September 1, 2018, in the first space of Beijing. >> Read more
2018.06.19 Tue, by

Art Basel Unreport—Beautiful But Boring?

“Always the same thing. How boring! Pedants definitely!” said Oblomov, yawning. Basel is still the best art fair in the world. You knew that already. It runs as smoothly as Swiss Rail. No air-conditioning problems here! Yet there is a growing sense Art Basel is getting predictable. At first, I thought it was just me, […] >> Read more
2017.07.31 Mon, by

Xing’an West Art Group —- Liu Chuanhong Solo exhibition

This exhibition by Liu Chuanghong is called “Xing’an West Art Group” , a story that does not exist anymore, in which the artist attempts to fight against the time and history with imagination. >> Read more
2017.06.23 Fri, by

Art Basel and LISTE 2017

Once again, Art Basel was a huge success. Outside, people were swimming in the Rhine under the June sun and sausages were as ridiculously expensive as ever. And there was lots of art sold, often at record prices, if you believe the breathless reports. IF. It is almost pointless writing about Art Basel. Sharing photos, […] >> Read more
2017.02.07 Tue, by

Eight Days a Week — Yao Jui-chung Solo Exhibition

The Tina Keng Gallery is pleased to present Eight Days a Week — Yao Jui-chung Solo Exhibition, on view from February 18 to March 16, 2017. >> Read more
Think, 2017.01.26 Thu, by

The Interpretive Power of a Politics of Happiness

A first for modern times, our historical narratives are moving out of tragedy and into comedy, and like it or not, this will be a major turning point. >> Read more
Think, 2016.10.05 Wed, by

The China Canon—The Sigg Collection in Bern and Hong Kong

It is a curious historical fact that such a small and distant country as Switzerland has had such a profound impact on the development of art in China, especially at this moment of China’s greatest economic and cultural transformation. >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2016.04.16 Sat, by

China, or Post-China?

In July 2015, the London-based artist Shen Xin staged her project “Shoulders of Giants” as a symposium extended through animation, performance, and projection. >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2016.03.09 Wed, by

Each to Their Own: Armory Week 2016

As you may have gathered, last week in New York was Armory week, though the city's main local fair might have felt jostled for prominence among a host of others for which "satellite" feels inadequate as a description. >> Read more

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