EX: 1/30/2012
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2019.05.20 Mon, by

Ni Jun: An Inconvenient Case
PIFO Gallery

PIFO Gallery presents Ni Jun’s solo exhibition “Ni Jun: An Inconvenient Case” curated by art historian Mia Yu. Spanning over forty years, >> Read more
2019.03.18 Mon, by

Franz Ackermann
PIFO, Beijing

PIFO Gallery is delighted to present the distinguished German contemporary artist Franz Ackermann’s first solo exhibition in mainland China. >> Read more
2018.03.21 Wed, by

John McLean · Wang Jian
PIFO Gallery

PIFO Gallery is delighted to present the exhibition ENCOUNTERS: John McLean · Wang Jian. >> Read more
2017.01.10 Tue, by

Liliane Tomasko
“Feeling Folding”
PIFO Gallery

PIFO Gallery is proud to present the first exhibition in China of Liliane Tomasko - Liliane Tomasko: Feeling Folding. >> Read more
2016.09.14 Wed, by

“nothingness was not”
PIFO Gallery

Reflecting on Wang Jian's extensive body of work and research material this exhibition brings together photography, works on paper and large-scale oil paintings to interrogate the origins of Wang Jian's explorations in metaphysics, Chinese Maximalism (after Gao Minglu) and international minimalism. >> Read more
2012.11.21 Wed, by

PIFO Gallery

Artists represented: Cao Hui Xiong Yu Liu Zhiyi Fan Mingzheng Kang Haitao Wu Haizhou Zhang Xuerui Liu Wentao Huang Yang Jiang Huajun Wang Chuan Liang Quan Wu Di Li Hongjun Huang Jia >> Read more
2020.06.30 Tue, by

Recovery, See-Saws, and Turbulence

While the COVID-19 pandemic continued extending its reach across the globe, the month of May in Beijing, with the return of Gallery Weekend Beijing and two new museums opening, seemingly saw the Beijing art world bouncing back to a steady drum of exhibitions. Yet the emergence of new cases of COVID-19 in early June (at Xinfadi Market, Beijing) put Beijing on edge once more. >> Read more
2019.07.21 Sun, by

Ni Jun review

(中文) 大多数情况下,在当今商业化程度甚高的艺术界,一个画家没有找到个人符号并固定下来,有可能是他眼界有限,接触时代的面儿太窄,加之不善归纳、不够博闻强记;还有一种可能恰恰相反:接触的东西太多,入时代之戏太深,而忽略了“艺术家”的职业角色。倪军显然属于后者。 >> Read more
2018.07.03 Tue, by

Painting after Painting after Painting
–Image-making in Contemporary Germany
Guangdong Museum of Art

From July 6 to August 14, 2018, the Guangdong Museum of Art hosts the exhibition ‘PAINTING AFTER PAINTING AFTER PAINTING AFTER: IMAGE-MAKING IN CONTEMPORARY GERMANY’, presenting four of the most accomplished mid-career painters of Germany today: Franz Ackermann, Benjamin Appel, Thomas Scheibitz and Katja Strunz. The exhibition is a pilot project that in exemplary ways introduces the state-of-the-art in German post-painting developments […] >> Read more
2017.07.17 Mon, by

Empty-Handed, I Carry a Hoe: Wang Chuan’s Art of Non-Attachment

As part of his recent series of paintings, Wang Chuan transcribed this poem encapsulating key tenets of Buddhism (2013 No. 71). As the artist’s chosen text, we can expect it to offer insights into the paintings he created around the same time: it may be a key to understanding the series. >> Read more

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