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2015.11.20 Fri, by
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Crowdfunding for The Unappropriated Recipes

Para Site is pleased to present the crowd-funding campaign for The Unappropriated Recipes, a cookbook dedicated to Para Site’s local and international collaborators and supporters, our love for food, and our home for 20 years – Hong Kong. >> Read more
2016.06.02 Thu, by

Tools to Orchestrate: public Programs for Samson Young’s “Orchestrations”

Para Site is pleased to present Tools to Orchestrate, two Sundays of public programmes in conjunction with Orchestrations, a solo exhibition by Samson Young. >> Read more
2016.05.13 Fri, by


Para Site is proud to present Orchestrations, a solo exhibition by Samson Young that looks at the modalities of "orchestra-making” in the various communities of Hong Kong. >> Read more
2016.02.20 Sat, by


(中文) Para Site藝術空間推出三月大展《工餘》,旨在探討香港及鄰近區域內階級、種族、勞動及移民的相關議題。 >> Read more
2015.09.08 Tue, by

Para Site presents A Luxury We Cannot Afford

An essay reflecting on the formation, development, and paradoxes of ideology in Singapore as a statist “capitalist democracy”. >> Read more
2015.06.20 Sat, by

CALL FOR APPLICATION: Workshops for Emerging Professionals during Para Site’s International Conference 2015

A new educational programme that includes a series of closed-door workshops, seminars, and site-visits, with a group of emerging curators, writers, critics, researchers, and other arts professionals... >> Read more
2015.06.19 Fri, by

Para Site presents Another Word For Silence

Cheo Chai-Hiang, Isa Kamari, Lee Weng Choy, Ng Yi-Sheng, Tan Tarn How >> Read more
2014.09.17 Wed, by

Kwan Sheung Chi:The 21st Century Undead Coterie of Contemporary Art

Para Site is pleased to present the solo exhibition The 21st Century Undead Coterie of Contemporary Art by Kwan Sheung Chi, which opens at midnight on September 6 and continues through September 12. >> Read more
2013.11.21 Thu, by

The Floating Eternity Project

The Floating Eternity Project takes its point of departure from a 2012 architectural proposal by BREAD Studio to create an offshore columbarium to alleviate the pressing concerns over Hong Kong’s critical land scarcity and greying population as well as the implications of these issues on the city’s economy of the afterlife. >> Read more

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